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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello dear blog of mine..

It has been awhile eh.. I am getting busier day by day..
But like it or not, still have to find (create) time to spend with ma husband..
Cemana sibuk pun, I must not forget that "syurga di bawah tapak kaki suami"..

Anyhow, here are few pictures taken for the past few weeks that kind of explain what i had been up to..

1st pic.. This pic was taken earlier of this month.
At Langkawi.. Went there with my family & hubs..
A very short vacay.. I was terribly sick but nothing stopped me from walking here and there..
Takkan sebab sakit nak cancel everything, aite?
Of course no... managed to make parents happy, so i considered everything was a success!!

After i came back from langkawi & penang, workload piled up..
Obviously i got even more stressed and tired..
So, another short weekend gateaway with hubs' friends was amazing..
Thank you people.. You people made my day.. Thank you soooo much!!
We went to penang last year, and just to Morib this year..
Planning on hitting the island next year..
Can't wait :)

Got back to reality..
Sunday and monday at morib and tuesday (yday) i was at the SACC
For a national competition..
No luck this year..
Never mind.. As expected.. Projek belum matang..
Better luck next year, insya Allah with greater and more impact project hopefully..
Aiming for South Africa :)

So, that what was i had been up to..
Gonna be here in KL until next monday..
Hoping to have the chance to meet my rektor this coming monday..
And gonna spend few days in the prison for my next project..
Gonna work 72hrs non-stop next weekend..

Mengharapkan kesihatan yang superb :)

Til my next update!!


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