Ramadhan & Idulfitri 2014..~

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The busyness period had over. It was kind of horrible and at times i thought i would not make it but Thankfully and Praise to Allah, nothing is impossible. HE helped me to go through it.. The carnival went fine, the conference was ok, the final examination went smoothly.

Walked into ramadhan with bundles to mark/check. Though i thought i would not have the strength because in the past, migraine and sakit itu common during fasting month. But alhamdulillah i did not have to go through that event. So i did all the markings and uploading peacefully.. Today is the 24th and i have been fasting for 24 days. Alhamdulillah..

Allah granted me with good health and HE helped me to stay awake while driving back to kl. i was so sleepy due to the heat and tiredness but HE accompanied me.. Or at least HE asked HIS malaikats to keep me safe. Truly thankful for that.

Made the preparation for this year's. and i must say, the mood is different.. The preparation is lesser than the year before. Number of pretty cloths is lesser, number of kuih raya is also lesser than last year.. I just don't know why. I feel like i have no cash to spend but seriously i doubt that.. Perhaps i am just quite scared to spend more.. Knowing that in months i am gonna get my new house key.. Obviously the amount of money require is going to be extremely high.. To make a personal loan is never in my list. Not going to pile up my commitment.. Going to stick with what i have already have..Kalau duk tambah commitment, bilanya nak ada saving for haji or something else?? Even so, i always have this one dream of getting my own car. I mean buy with my own hard work.. Lagi2 tengok usia my current car and his current car agak lanjut and macam2 bunyi dah keluar.. Gonna give myself until mid 2016 for that..Lagipun nak juga ayah mamy rasa car kita.. And also i am pretty sure its gonna be slightly more comfortable for abah to climb in and out of the car.. So yeah, Insya Allah soon...

As for now, i am grateful and thankful for what i have. never thought i would be able to be this far. Berkat doa ayah mamy yang tak pernah putus.

Til my next update...~


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