I finally gonna finish it..~

Monday, September 22, 2014


Remember the book i posted about back in June 2014? I finally gonna finish reading it. Did not really the time to read the book but somehow i finally managed to steal couple of hours yesterday and last saturday. Anyhow, all i can say is; I really feel guilty for skipping or for procrastinating. I mean the book was fine. I actually enjoyed the plot and the story line. Still have less than 100 pages to finish which i am gonna finish it by tonight.

With things been said, what i am going to conclude now is i have found a new author that i like. Love Dan Brown, Jodi Picoult, Stephanie Meyer and Sidney Sheldon still, but this author is not so bad either. Look forward to read from different authors in future. Will not be buying more books. At this point i still have about 19 unread books. 15 here in melaka with me and 4 more back in ttdi. Wow..

Sort of made a promised to myself last night while i was packing my books for moving to my new house. I promised that i will finish reading all 15 books before moving out from my condo. And i intend to keep that promise. Reading and travelling are what i love to do and apparently travelling is just very costly at the moment considering with everything in hands now. So yeah, back to reading and less travelling.

Anyhow.. It is kinda good knowing that my dataplan is almost reaches its maximum usage. kalau tak, tak ada nya kita nak pegang buku because i was so busy googling for too many things. Advantages of this and that.. Where our next vacay destination would be. What are the conference that i migh be possible of joining.. See sebab tu habis cepat.. Belum lagi busy watching and enjoying those videos uploaded by FaizDickie.. So yeah, thanx to that, i finally get my old life back.. Was good not to have your phone all the time..~


Gonna Be Tough.. Tough.. Tough..~

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello dearest.

Been awhile eh? I was not busy honestly.. Just i was not in the mood of updating. Been enjoying life.. Erk? No... Been enjoying food! That's more like it. Currently we are in our week 2. Surprisingly for the first time, i wish that we are in week 13 already. The timetable is just... Phewwww... Indescribable like totally. Partially ready for the tasks and responsibility, alas i can't escape but just have to endure it.

Moving on, i applied for the thing i always wanted to apply. Frankly speaking i am not sure if i would get the place or not. Friends are being very supportive and positive but since there is no feedback from the institution and of course i kindda submitted the HARD COPY FORMS quite late, so the possibility of not getting it is high. I feel very demotivated and i just wish i can get a sign: either ACCEPTED or REJECTED.. But nothing.. Sadly.. Nothing...

Its my dream we are talking about here. People may have a dream of buying a luxurious handbag or car or whatsoever, and my dream is just this one thing. If i ever get rejected, i can still tolerate (might be) with that.. If there is no news? Stress tau tak? I called the institution earlier and apparently the girl who answered the phone was quite clueless. Tidak membantu.. Sangat. She asked me to call again on Wednesday.. Come on, how hard it is to check the mail? But never mind.. Sabar je ok.. Well others face even more challenging barriers and this is just the beginning, Daisy.. But really, i do hope they have received the document i mailed last week and they accept my application.

Ok, back to work... In October, i will be going to KT for an innovation competition. I did not innovate any World Class product pun. A simple innovation and i am not putting any hope of winning. Just to share my simple idea and hope will get it officially printed and make money... Eh?? Hiksss... Anyway, hubs will be following me to KT. Ain't he sweet? Sangat kan, macam cotton candy..

I guess, that's all for now.

ps: I miss reading my novels. I have no time to myself anymore. Salah sendiri ke sebab i prioritize my work?