Last 24 hours..~

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello dearest blog.

I went through a stupid thing last night where i burst out again.. Second time this year. I am not the kind of person who would like to brag and drag money and financial into an argument.. Any argument.. But to have his attention, that issue just would be the perfect thing to be mentioned. Just to make a statement: "Everyone should know that EGO kills everything".

Aku tak paham apa pasal orang kena jadi bodoh sombong. Tau pun sentap. How hard it is just to get a simple task done? Sampai perlu make a stupid comparison? Well, sorry i really found it stupid. When there is a bigger issue that should be addressed in the first place. Never treat me like i am 20 years old kid because even when i was 20, i demanded people to treat me like i am 30.. Now that i am turning 30 in 8 months, of course i want to be treated like i am a mature lady. Susah ke?

Dah sakit hati sangat semalam, i finished reading my book. Yup finally did it after nearly 2 months. Started to read the book on 22nd September. Oklah belum 2 bulan.. I stopped reading it for a month plus because i was busy handling test one, checked the answer booklets, raya haji, innovation competition and other events. Fuh lega dah dapat habiskan..  SO this morning i started to read a new one. Bought the book 2 years ago too.. I have not buy anything recently. The last collection of books purchased by me was in May 2013.. See, that long which of course i have not touch the book yet sbb buku 2012 pun belum habis baca..

Anyhow, here is the title of the book....

Could not find the perfect synopsis to share. mostly i found the reviews given by the high rank commenter. Just to highlight, this book had won an award in 2004 and in 2006 the book been adapted into a movie back in 2006. So make your own conclusion, eh?

Well, my hope and wish is just to finish this book before final.. Though at first i wish i could finish it before test two but i know that's impossible.. Sehari sempat sehelai je kot.. Huhuhu.. 

ps: Keep your time occupied doing the things you like the most. Dont waste it on keep scrolling on the timeline of your FB, Twiiter or Ig.. 

Til my next update.


Naahhhh... I dont find it weird..~

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hello dearest blog.

We are currently in week 9 out of 14 weeks. Have finished 9 chapters and down with 2 more chapters for CB and finished 10 chapters for BM and have balance of 4 more to complete. Funny thing happened the other day when i asked my students this one question, "best tak dah nak abis syllabus??" I did not find it weird at first but after i got back, showered and pikir - pikir balik terus macam *what kind of question was that??* Hahah.. Patutlah dorg macam blur - blur je nak jawab.. LOL~

Well being students, i guess they just couldn't be bothered about else matters. Yes we have 5 weeks more but never forget that a week for test 2 and a week for presentation.. Hilang dah 2 weeks and 2 more weeks for their convocation.. So kids, technically we only have one more week to finish everything.. And to feel very secure, comfortable adalah sangat -  sangat tidak tepat sekarang ini.

Thus, if you ask me.. I am very nervous. I never want to leave my students hanging and have to learn things by themselves. Although i keep on telling people that marketing is easy, trust me it is actually not. It will only be easy after you understand "the language" and master the theory. Fail to grab and grasp the gist, then you are no where near to the answer. So yeah, i am worried...

Ok, feel a wee bit better now.. Til my next update..~


My time.. means it is mine!!~

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello blog.

I just dont know how to rush and finish my syllabus when there are too many things going on in between that make them steal my students away from me. I really wish that i can have them to myself but that just cannot be done. Who am i to argue even i really want my time to myself. Janganlah curi2 tima kita with the students lagi.. I have many chapters to cover especially knowing that they will be gone for 2 weeks. So yeah, i need the time to myself!! *Sigh*

I am constantly tired..~

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hey blog.

I always wonder why do i always have to be tired most of the time. It is i never had enough time to rest. I always want to head bed early which i did get into bed early but never managed to actually sleep early. It bothers me. Due to that, i will always keep on feeling under the weather and always feel depressed. Macam tak berapa nak ada mood untuk bebel dalam kelas or at times i myself just could not understand what exactly i lecturer. I mean when i heard myself talking i would this "siannya budak2 ni kena dengar aku meraban".. 

I did not skip any meal these days. And i will try my best to have rice because i need the energy to go theough the day. Unfortunately  i am not as strong ad i used before. And it sadden me.. No fun la kalau cemni.. i wish i know how to overcome this little problem tapi tak tau pun cemana.

I hope i can get over this semester soon. I believe the reason why i am like this has something to do with the oack schedule and endless checking and standing in the classes. I hope this will end soon..

Til my next update.