Latest Movie Watched...~

Monday, December 29, 2014


This post is about the latest movie i watched with my hubs last thursday... On the day of xmas here in Melaka. He took me to watch the 3rd sequel of Night At The Museum. Did not expect much from the movie but i am must say, it was not a disappointment. Not great but not boring either. I would rate it 3.5/5.. See not so bad, right?? Laugh and such was there. So here is the poster...~ Those who have not watch, may would like to consider to watch. 

Next, i would like to watch the local act named "Terbaik Dari Langit". Watched the preview on tv last week and i felt, i should really watch it. I guess the movie is quite different.. Then i watched meletop last Tuesday and i found out who the director. Instantly i said this to myself, i must watch it.. Not because he has won many awards for KIL but because he is my friend. Not close.. But yeah... We were from the same class.. And i always believe, we ttdi-ans should support each other.. Dia tahu ke tak tahu ke, that is a whole different story...

So nicky, I am so gonna watch this!!

Til my next post!!


Current Reading...~

Hello blog.

We are currently in the final week of 2014. In 3 days, we/ll start the new venture in 2015. I will blab the conclusion of 2014 in my next post. In the mean time, i just wanna share what is my current reading book.

Currently, i am reading this awesome book which i bought this somewhere in december 2011. I read only few pages then i was stuck with other matters which don't get me start on elaborating it which it will go on and on only GOD knows when i will stop. Started to read this book on Xmas eve which that explains why i just finished about the first 20 pages only.. Not that i celebrated xmas or what. Just that, it was a long holiday and i spent most of my days and nights out searching for our new house items.

Ok back to the book... I am just going to share whatever i googled here since i don't really know what to share... Again because of only 20 pages read. Nevertheless, i can say that this book just suit me fine. For some reason, i am into family kind of books lately.. Must be the ageing thingy... "sigh"... And i must say that this book is not a light book. Too many things going on in her life.. Phewwww...~ 

Ok. here you go... Oh yes, just for the record, this book had became a movie which of course i have not watch it. I believe it was never shown in Malaysia... Kot...

"Delightfully smart and heartbreakingly poignant, Allison Pearson’s smash debut novel has exploded onto bestseller lists as “The national anthem for working mothers.” Hedge-fund manager, wife, and mother of two, Kate Reddy manages to juggle nine currencies in five time zones and keep in step with the Teletubbies. But when she finds herself awake at 1:37 a.m. in a panic over the need to produce a homemade pie for her daughter’s school, she has to admit her life has become unrecognizable. With panache, wisdom, and uproarious wit, I Don’t Know How She Does Itbrilliantly dramatizes the dilemma of every working mom. (less)"
"I Don't Know How She Does It
Allison Pearson
Chatto and Windus £12.99, pp354
Allison Pearson boasted, in a recent article, that four working mothers had already resigned from their jobs and two had become pregnant after reading her new book (and that's before publication). I am not sure why she feels responsible for their pregnancies but I approached I Don't Know How She Does It with cautious curiosity.
The book began as a weekly Daily Telegraph column about Kate Reddy, a fund manager trying to 'juggle' (an inaccurate, vain verb) children and career. Kate Reddy. A pity about her name, I thought, and the battery-operated puns attending it. It seemed to pitch Kate, before she had a chance to defend herself, into strip cartoon.
This is what Kate believes: if you are a working mother, you must pretend to be childless at work. Should you wish to attend a school nativity play, you must concoct a professional excuse before scuttling off. There may be some truth to this: I know two female executives working for the same firm who lied to attend their children's sports day. Later, on opposite sides of the playing fields, they spotted each other.
Pearson determines to tell the truth about sports days, nativity plays and all the other, more insidious, working-mother-lies. She removes the gag from our mouths with a tremendous flourish. In particular she studies the way we dissemble, deny and hide our more complicated maternal feelings (from bosses, husbands, nannies, children and ourselves). She shows that 'having it all' is sometimes distinct from being able to enjoy any of it. What she describes is painful. But it makes grandly self-indulgent reading.
This is a book that could only come from a privileged place. Allison Pearson and Kate Reddy have fantastic luck: a good job, full-time nannies, husbands who cook (nice pasta dishes). Above all, they have the chance to complain extravagantly, leaving no lurch of the heart unmonitored. And they can choose not to work. It was only as a grateful member of the book's target audience that I was able to love every self-pitying minute of it.

Pearson writes with instinctive comedy: against the clock, with pressured panache. This is a bag/housekeys/money/mobile/got to go-style that suits its dashing - and dashed - heroine. Her writing is fun whether she is serious, trifling or merely describing the trifle constructed by an ambitious mother as 'the size of an inverted Albert Hall'. At no point is this a dreary whinge from the kitchen... it is a comic broadcast from the office. Pearson's jokes have a manic, hyperbolic quality, laughter that might at any moment tip over into tears. And she is a dab (or dabbing) hand at sentimentality.
I found it strangely restful to read about frantic Kate, consoled by what I recognised and what I didn't. Pearson is unflinchingly accurate about relationships between mothers and nannies - controlled jealousy, suppressed criticism, qualified gratitude. She observes finely, too, the way working mothers are needily over-attentive to their children, compared to comfortably off-hand, permanent mothers, but mercilessly sends up 'Mother Superiors', whose children are their careers.
I am in sympathy with most of this. But I have never once baked - let alone faked - cakes in the small hours to impress any school. Kate, as the novel opens, is to be found inflicting GBH on Sainsbury's mince pies in the hope of giving them a dented, homemade look.
In an afterword, Pearson thanks her husband, Anthony Lane, for adding commas and semi-colons but the parentheses, I swear, are all her own work. Read Pearson for these anything-but-throwaway asides: 'Mysteriously, childcare, though paid for by both parents, is always deemed to be the female's responsibility.' Or: 'Is it coincidence that we spend far more than our parents ever did on the restyling and improvement of our homes - homes in which we spend less and less time... It is as though home had become some kind of stage-set for a play in which we one day hope to star.' Or: 'When I was younger, I wanted to go to bed with other people: now I have two children my fiercest desire is to go to bed with myself.'
There is a poignancy about the under-written account of the children in the novel. They are encountered, mostly at night, waking up to reclaim their mother. They suffer a version of attention deficit disorder (it's their mother's attention they lack). When describing children, Pearson cannot compete with Helen Simpson's Hey, Yeah, Right, Get a Life. The combination of passion and tedium is missing. Nor does she stop long enough to examine properly what staying at home might involve as Rachel Cusk does in her trapped lament, A Life's Work.
But then Allison Pearson is best at describing the away game (whereas Cusk and Simpson are under house arrest): Kate Reddy has a job, she just doesn't know what to do with it. One moment she says: 'I think giving up work is like becoming a missing person'; the next she is slavishly admiring a non-working wife. Pearson's book is not a manifesto, it is an ambivalent polemic, if such a thing is possible.
As fiction, it is an also-ran, and as a novel, it doesn't quite believe in itself - only Kate is fully realised; other characters strut into the book like amateur actors. Kate's father is a dull, contemporary version of Eliza Doolittle's dad, her mother doesn't survive characterisation. Kate's email romance with Jack Abelhammer doesn't altogether convince, although it lifts the novel - and Kate - into another place for a while.
'When I wasn't at work,' Kate Reddy complains, 'I had to be a mother, when I wasn't being a mother, I owed it to work to be at work. Time off for myself felt like stealing.' While racing to finish the book, in the evening, my children escaped into the garden in their pyjamas and started to fight fiercely. I could hear their yells as I reached Pearson's last sentence. But there is good news: I am not pregnant - and still working."

Have fun reading this...~

Til my next post


Days Before Xmas..~

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What a cliche title. As if i am celebrating Xmas or as if i have friends who do. It has been a while since i last updated the blog, eh? Nothing had happened for the past few weeks except i was just a bit busy with work and kind of ran away from my room. So that explains why i barely touch the keyboard or go online.

By right, now i should start with my journals reading but unfortunately i am not. Wonder why? Maybe i am just overly nervous and kind of refuse to accept the fact that i am student now. A big responsibility but like it or not, i can never stop and go back to my old life or routine. Should find ways on how can i stick myself in front of my computer...

Speaking of that, i should get myself a PC at home. Highly needed... But due to budget constraint (nak masuk rumah bagai ni), i guess i have to put that on hold. Not saying my old small petite cute pinky laptop is broken or what. Cumanya the laptop is too tiny for this kind of work. Also me getting old, i think i need a bigger screen. Though i want to move forward, i should never forget to take care of my eyes.

Because of that, yesterday i ordered a smoothies blender through Lazada. I think, i will probably receive it on a day after xmas. Then i would start making a smoothie that is high with Vitamin A because my eyes are really in need of that. So more money needed on buying berries.. Sigh... Sabar ok.. Once i get to stay at new home, i surely be more stable than i am now. Sabar sikit ok.. Dah nak dua tahun sabar, takkan lagi 3-4 bulan tak boleh sabar...

Next, finished my previous book last Saturday.. Hahah... It took me a month to finish it (22 Nov - 20 Dec) but better that my previous one which the previous one took me 2 solid months to complete it.. Lol!! Anyway.. Officially started the new book last Sunday and done half of it on that day itself. Tapi semalam dah tak baca. Somehow, i refuse to read on weekdays' nights.. Wonder why.. Nevertheless, i like my new reading. Bought the book somewhere in 2012 and only now i have the chance to read it.. Bravo!!

Dorothy Koomson captivated readers with her international bestseller My Best Friend’s Girl.Now she dazzles us once again with a tale of love, friendship, and families—the choices that shatter them, the hope that saves them, and the little moments that happen in between. 
Kendra Tamale is looking for a fresh start and a simple life when she rents a room from Kyle Gadsborough. But against her better judgment Kendra soon finds herself drawn into her new landlord’s household: a young father in way over his head, a beautiful mother out the door, and six-year-old twins, Summer and Jaxon, with hearts full of hurt. Kendra has plenty of issues of her own, but this family seems to need her so desperately that she’s soon falling in love—with Summer’s constant chatter, Jaxon’s soulful eyes, and the sugar-laden Saturday breakfasts she invents. But when a secret from Kendra’s past resurfaces and the children are taken away by their mother, the only way to fix things is to confess to the terrible mistake she made many years ago—and the choice she makes now could break more than one person’s heart

This is the second book i read written my Miss Koomson. I am not saying she is a great author but she is not that bad either. probably i prefer Jodi Picoult's and Dan Brown's better. But if you are looking for a light chic flick book, i think Kommson's books are recommended. 

Anyway, have you ever wonder... Most of us prefer to watch movies and sitcoms done by the Americans but why when it comes to books, we are fond to get books from the British authors? Or, is it only me??

Anyhow, i just can't wait for the long weekend. Not that i am going anywhere.. I just need the extra days to do some home shopping. I have too many things in hands. Wish hubs is here with me to help me out but unfortunately he is not. What he can do is to keep on motivate me to keep on going...

Til my next update..~

Last 24 hours..~

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello dearest blog.

I went through a stupid thing last night where i burst out again.. Second time this year. I am not the kind of person who would like to brag and drag money and financial into an argument.. Any argument.. But to have his attention, that issue just would be the perfect thing to be mentioned. Just to make a statement: "Everyone should know that EGO kills everything".

Aku tak paham apa pasal orang kena jadi bodoh sombong. Tau pun sentap. How hard it is just to get a simple task done? Sampai perlu make a stupid comparison? Well, sorry i really found it stupid. When there is a bigger issue that should be addressed in the first place. Never treat me like i am 20 years old kid because even when i was 20, i demanded people to treat me like i am 30.. Now that i am turning 30 in 8 months, of course i want to be treated like i am a mature lady. Susah ke?

Dah sakit hati sangat semalam, i finished reading my book. Yup finally did it after nearly 2 months. Started to read the book on 22nd September. Oklah belum 2 bulan.. I stopped reading it for a month plus because i was busy handling test one, checked the answer booklets, raya haji, innovation competition and other events. Fuh lega dah dapat habiskan..  SO this morning i started to read a new one. Bought the book 2 years ago too.. I have not buy anything recently. The last collection of books purchased by me was in May 2013.. See, that long which of course i have not touch the book yet sbb buku 2012 pun belum habis baca..

Anyhow, here is the title of the book....

Could not find the perfect synopsis to share. mostly i found the reviews given by the high rank commenter. Just to highlight, this book had won an award in 2004 and in 2006 the book been adapted into a movie back in 2006. So make your own conclusion, eh?

Well, my hope and wish is just to finish this book before final.. Though at first i wish i could finish it before test two but i know that's impossible.. Sehari sempat sehelai je kot.. Huhuhu.. 

ps: Keep your time occupied doing the things you like the most. Dont waste it on keep scrolling on the timeline of your FB, Twiiter or Ig.. 

Til my next update.


Naahhhh... I dont find it weird..~

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hello dearest blog.

We are currently in week 9 out of 14 weeks. Have finished 9 chapters and down with 2 more chapters for CB and finished 10 chapters for BM and have balance of 4 more to complete. Funny thing happened the other day when i asked my students this one question, "best tak dah nak abis syllabus??" I did not find it weird at first but after i got back, showered and pikir - pikir balik terus macam *what kind of question was that??* Hahah.. Patutlah dorg macam blur - blur je nak jawab.. LOL~

Well being students, i guess they just couldn't be bothered about else matters. Yes we have 5 weeks more but never forget that a week for test 2 and a week for presentation.. Hilang dah 2 weeks and 2 more weeks for their convocation.. So kids, technically we only have one more week to finish everything.. And to feel very secure, comfortable adalah sangat -  sangat tidak tepat sekarang ini.

Thus, if you ask me.. I am very nervous. I never want to leave my students hanging and have to learn things by themselves. Although i keep on telling people that marketing is easy, trust me it is actually not. It will only be easy after you understand "the language" and master the theory. Fail to grab and grasp the gist, then you are no where near to the answer. So yeah, i am worried...

Ok, feel a wee bit better now.. Til my next update..~


My time.. means it is mine!!~

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello blog.

I just dont know how to rush and finish my syllabus when there are too many things going on in between that make them steal my students away from me. I really wish that i can have them to myself but that just cannot be done. Who am i to argue even i really want my time to myself. Janganlah curi2 tima kita with the students lagi.. I have many chapters to cover especially knowing that they will be gone for 2 weeks. So yeah, i need the time to myself!! *Sigh*

I am constantly tired..~

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hey blog.

I always wonder why do i always have to be tired most of the time. It is i never had enough time to rest. I always want to head bed early which i did get into bed early but never managed to actually sleep early. It bothers me. Due to that, i will always keep on feeling under the weather and always feel depressed. Macam tak berapa nak ada mood untuk bebel dalam kelas or at times i myself just could not understand what exactly i lecturer. I mean when i heard myself talking i would this "siannya budak2 ni kena dengar aku meraban".. 

I did not skip any meal these days. And i will try my best to have rice because i need the energy to go theough the day. Unfortunately  i am not as strong ad i used before. And it sadden me.. No fun la kalau cemni.. i wish i know how to overcome this little problem tapi tak tau pun cemana.

I hope i can get over this semester soon. I believe the reason why i am like this has something to do with the oack schedule and endless checking and standing in the classes. I hope this will end soon..

Til my next update.



Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hey blog.

I bought a house last year ago and the house insya Allah will be ready somewhere next february and that news is not a secret. To move into a new a house it requires me a fortune. To pay for the name to be transferred, cleaning the house, move all furniture from my current house and cash for new fixture and the list can go on and on..

I kind of ready and prepared myself for that. What i am not ready for is, for some of the items to be broken.. Why now? Dugaan sungguh. 2 weeks ago hubs and i spent nearly rm8000 to fix both of our cars. Ni microwave plak buat drama. Amboi~

I know microwave is not that freaking expensive but just can't really tolerate with the fact that the item decided to kaput at this while while money is crucial. Blerghhh.. Tak kelakar ok, microwave... Tak kelakar..~

Enough about the microwave..

So anyway, my weekend went quite boring but was not slow. It went pretty fast actually. Did my laundry yg menimbun semalam, and kinda main masak2 and finished everything, read few chaps of that Judas book (ye belum habis lagi) and played games.. Didn't fall asleep today which it was awesome considering i was fasting earlier. Hebat~

That's all for today. Another long week ahead with dinner and more tests coming up. Take care blog..


Just because i love him..~

Saturday, October 25, 2014

We have been together for nearly 3yrs. We made a vow to love each other unconditionally and we promised not to mention the life we had before we met. But that doesn't mean we don't know what had happened before.

Before i accepted your love, we had discussed the past. And that was the first and the last time we had ever spoke about it. We had flaws and those flaws were actually the key to our love. After 3 yrs, i still have tears or should i be frank, i still cry my lungs out everytime i have to say goodbye and not knowing whether we will meet again or not..

For the past 3 yrs, we have gone through so many joyful things and events. I am indeed thankful for the blessed GOD has given me. HE gave me a perfect significant other who would always be there for me regardless, who would always making sure that i am ok & fine even not the way i expect it to be done (he's not a sweet talker or jiwang2 so don't bother to dream of being treated like a princess πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ ), and he will always make sure all my dreams will come true and i will achieve all my ambitions & wishes.. He won't stop me from achieving my dreams. I am thankful and just love him the way he is.

Speaking of he is not a jiwang husband, trust me i am ok with that. A husband that is base on logical & rational thinking is far more beneficial. I had bfs who were too jiwang that the end he flirts around, a bf who just love me way too much til he controlled me way too much which it leaded me to be a rebellious. Hence, to have a husband who would always monitor me closely and let me be a wee bit independent, is just exactly what i need.

Ok moving on... Relate back to the title of this post, husband of mine  will always take me to places that i always have in mind of going. He drove me and take me here and there. Took me to wonderful places on my birthday. Showered me with perfect presents on my birthday. Utk our 1st anniversary, technically i didn't get him anything and so did he. Because we both were in Mecca at that time and that same goes to his birthday because it falls on the same date.. Yes, anniversary and his birthday dua-dua on 2nd Feb. I treated him a birthday dinner after we got back from Mecca and he treated me anniversary before we left for Mecca. And that was it..

Since he has been very nice and awesome, i decided to treat him a vacation on our 2nd anniversary. Consider the gift as his wedding anniversary gift and birthday gift. Innitially wanted to go elsewhere in Summer 2015 sbb masa tu seperti lebih stable considering i might be starting my program in March and nak masuk rumah somewhere in Feb and it is gonna be freezing cold at that,particular place, and celebrating anniversary in June just so not right, so yeah... End of January it is.. Just in time for the double celebration and the place that i am taking him will be in the perfect weather.

Anyway, i have bought the return flight tickets and he is really happy. He is so excited.. Nothing grand and not even a western country.. Not even out from our continent.. In fact, i have been to that place before. But since i love that place and i believe the scenary and environment is just so right for the occasion, that was the reason why i chose that place. Nevermind, i will take him to my ultimate favourite place soon..

Traveled with him quite often but it was always his gifts to me.. This time, i just want to pay for everything which i already did. Just need to get our visa done.. So sayang... This is my little gift on your/our day.. I hope u love it and let's create another new memory together.. I am not a jiwang wife as well, but i do know that i love u so much. Fell in love with u after you managed to convince me and love u even more after i am officially urs.

You are indeed the greatest thing that has happened and still happening in my life. May Allah bestowe us with keberkatan and endless happiness.. I am grateful that u are mine and i jope this marriage will last til jannah... πŸ’πŸ’‘πŸ’πŸ’‘πŸ’πŸ’‘πŸ’πŸ’‘


A quiet weekend it shall be..~

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hello blog..

5 years ago i decided to take this path and clearly understood how the future may brings. 3 years after graduated, here i am living away from parents, siblings, dearest husband and the rest. Left out for almost everything and tired almist everytime. Physically, i look fine but mentally? It drains day by day. Just could not understand how the other cope with this kind of life.

Family suggested me to take vitamins. But knowing myself, i know it is gonna be a waste. Just like my garlic now. I suppose to take it 3times a dat but of course i skip it.. I am guilty but i don't feel the guilt. Teghok!!

I don't really miss home because to me, my melaka crib is my home and i am perfectly comfortable here. Honestly speaking i don't miss kl.. I just miss being near to my significant other. I just don't know how many years should endure this. I trade life for free education. Partially it is worth it but on the other hand, it could be a mistake.

I wish he could join me here but i just could not let my parents and his be unattended. Not dia jadi macam nurse but at least i know i have ears and eyes to keep me posted.

Anyway, good night... It has been a very tough day~

Til my next update..~

There are things you should keep it to urself..~

Hallu blog. It is reaching 1 am and i am still wide awake. Been promising myself not to consume any coffee after 4pm but i failed to keep that today. I had to work til 10.30pm and i was very sleepy around 7ish so i just had to fix a mug of coffee then. Result? Very much awake and *lost*..

Since i am awake.. Just decided to write something here with the intention of telling myself not to brag or pukul canang about things that can be considered as 18sx to public. Maigodddd... I mean like seriously, apa kau buat dalam kain please just let it be between u and ur partner. Come on...

I have this one friend. Looking at her u would have a very positive perception towards her like seriously she has that kind of package. But u surely will regret for having that kind of thot the moment she opens her mouth telling u about blablabla... Seriously no kidding..

Been listening to those sort of things for the past 2yrs and i think i had enough. So at times (recently) when she was about to start talking about it, i just had to ask her to shut up.. I mean, annoyed listening to it day in day out it's one thing.. But have to feel geli and all that's another thing.. Last but not least, she made me feel sorry (or geli or super geli) when i meet her hubs in any function. Sumpah kau jatuhkan air muka hubs kau wehy...

Fuhhhh... Trust me, i am not the only one who feel uncomfy but same goes to the rest. I wish someone out there would inject some sense into her head. Telling details is one thing... Cakap tak serupa bikin is another story.. Oh well, whatever it is... I just hope... I really hope that i won't be like her.. Air muka suami kena jaga cik kak oiii...

Til my next post~


Be a little bit empathy..~

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hello dearest blog.

For the past few weeks, i was an ass. I meant i had all the negative perception towards one of my senior colleagues. I meant i knew her quite well before then i started to accept her for who she is. I did.. Honestly. But as time goes by, with many events taken place, with too many things happened along the way, i started to forget few things about her. She's old enough to be my mother and it was so wrong for me to ignore her and her request and such. Nevertheless, to be honest i didn't do it on purpose. Partially she made me to behave the way i did because she tends to ignore my existence when she knew she should have included me and ask me before any decision is made. Since she always left me out of the whole thing, i decided to take my own path and that was how i started to ignore her.

Anyway, i had a long talk with her earlier. We talked about her mostly and from the conversation, i started to gain back my sense. Not sure i should be thankful or i should take it as "a new burden is coming".. ahahah... Well i should be positive kan.. Makanya oh yes, i will start to change my perception towards her and the whole thing. Will try to understand what she had went through and what she is currently going through. I do hope that this whole thing can mature me a bit more.. And i hope i can be a better person, be a better organizer and be a better advisor.

On top, i am thankful for the "eye opener" and glad that HE leaded me to where HE has destined for me.

Til my next update.


Weekend 18oct2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hello dearest blog.

Happy to get back here in KL. Reached KL yesterday around 6pm plus. The whole journey from terengganu to kl was smooth and fine except it rained almost the whole time. But hubs was a good... WRONG, He was a great driver. Thank you for driving me to KT and back to KL syg. Appreciate it much!! Very <3 p="">

Back to KT's story. I won a bronze medal eventhough i did not place any hope. Rezeki ALLAH nak beri. It was my effort and i am thankful that HE grant me with this small and mini recognition. Sangat beruntung atas keberkatan ini. Syukur. So here is a pic of me and the award.. (poyoness)

So that's me with the certificate and also the medal. Hehe.. I look very short thanx to the photog who are very tall.. The husband of mine. Up to this point, at this very moment i still could not believe that i've actually won something. Considering the innovation i made was very simple and some sort of easy. But since they recognized my work, I feel very happy and motivated to think of something new for next year. Hehe..

Right after the event, hubs treated me simple seafood dinner. Hehe.. I skipped lunch just for this tau tau.. Hubs said i have a small tummy so i can't really a lot at a time or have heavy food more than one time. Some may call me cacat but i consider myself special.. Hehe.. Out of topic... Anyway, the food was nice and great. Would love to dine here again.

On top, Terengganu trip was very short but memorable because i had my hubs with me all the time. He actually followed me to work.. Haha..

Til my next update =)

Hello Terengganu~

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hello dear blog.

Been neglecting u quite sometime didn't i. Just would like update my latest event in life.. Currently i am in terengganu attending a conference here. So far everything is well and fine. Done my part but have to wait til the end. Blerghhh.. anyhow, i am not putting any hope. The judges were quite stern and were not friendly. I mean, they didn't want to hear the whole explanation. Oh well, tak apelah.. The reason why i am here is just to fulfill my own task not so much of wanting to win.. here a picture~

Til my next update. Take care blog!!

New Reading..~

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My last post was dated on September 22, 2014 about wanted to finish that Barbara book. I did finish that book on that day; yeayyyyy... So i started to grab a new book.. New means never been read before but actually i bought that book back in 2011.. I bought too many books in 2011 and 2012 more that i should had.

Anyway, the current book i am reading now is The JUDAS.. Yurp, still reading.. Yurp i am a slow reader nowadays.. Not by choice.. I have too many things in hands.. Tak tekejar dah.. The book is about 500 pages thick and to be honest i just spend 4 hours of reading and managed to read abput 100pages je.. Dah almost weeks and just 100pages.. Yurp it sucks.. But i really have no time to read. Though i promise myself to read more.. Anywhow... Here is the synopsis of the book;

The Judas

Four people can keep a secret… if three of them are dead.
In Rome, the severed hand of a retired MI6 head of station is found at one of the city’s landmarks. The hand is holding a bag containing thirty silver pieces.
Meanwhile, in London, MI6 agent Paul Aston is on the point of quitting. Once on the MI6 fast track, his career has stalled. He has been passed over for one promotion too many; his colleagues treat him like a leper. When he is approached to head up a new task force, he jumps at the chance. His first mission is to investigate the Rome murder.
When one of MI6’s directors dies suddenly, Aston realises there is more going on than meets the eye. The death looks like a heart attack, but it’s not. As Aston digs deeper he uncovers a conspiracy that dates back to the dying days of the USSR. Someone wants this kept secret. Someone with everything to lose if the truth gets out.
But who is The Judas?

Praise for The Judas

"Agent Paul Aston thought he'd be flying high in MI6 by now – after he brought down his bent boss and was almost killed in the process. He fears he's been forced out but his bosses have plans for him – he's off to Rome where a severed hand has been found and this is just the first of several grisly murders. Soon he is dealing with a serial killer with a twist. Jackson does it again with another page-turner." – The Sun
"Fast-paced." – The Mirror
"Following on from his first successful Paul Aston book,The Mentor, Steve Jackson has crafted an intriguing tale.There are many good elements to The Judas: the main characters are engaging. Paul Aston is a likeable hero, the setting and dramas that play out in the story are intriguing, and the spycraft included in the tale adds interest to the story."

"Steve Jackson's follow up to The Mentor is a fast-paced and thrilling read. He portrays Paul Aston and the team of agents tasked with unravelling the conspiracy as fallible human beings rather than James Bond style super beings loaded down with gadgets and firing off cheesy one liners at every opportunity and roots his plot in a believably deadly world of terrorists, organised crime and assassins recruited from the murkier depths of the internet; a place where the line between friends and enemies is blurred and the only truth is that you should trust nobody. After years in the doldrums the British spy thriller is finally starting to look like an exciting genre again, leading the charge is Steve Jackson, a writer at the very top of his game, from whom if he continues to combine gripping narratives with the skilful characterisation shown in The Judas something truly remarkable can be expected in the near future."

"Political thriller running on the popularity of Spooks – very good." – Gateway Monthly

Sangat copy and paste but who cares.. I am just sharing and not taking any credits. Alas here is my review (base on my first 100 pages).. So far i like the book.. I mean the author managed to capture my attention as i reached the 2nd chapter (and the first chapter was not that long).. So yeah, he did not wait to lock the readers so i would say i like Mr Jackson's writing style. 

Eventhough i am so busy with i-just-dont-know-how-to-explain-about-my-work, a promis is a promise and i have the intention of keeping it..

Moving on.. Eidul Adha is just days away which it means one thing.. I finally get to go back to KL after so long. On 6oct, hubs and i are gonna enjoy our very first theatre together. At last, i succeed in convincing him to come with me. I really do hope that he will enjoy it as much as i do. Then on 8th oct, i have my phd interview. I was really motivated when i submitted my application about a month ago.. But after this whole semester started 3 weeks ago, i kinda lost the momentum. So to attend the interview next week is just too much. Nevertheless, i cant back out.. I wanted this before so i need to find the spirit again..

I will be in kl from 3rd oct until 13oct morning. Have many things planned out for the whole week with hubs.. Heheh.. On 15th, hubs and i are driving to KT. He is accompanying me to my innovation competition there. I hope everything that GOD has planned ahead for us will run smoothly. HE gives me all these because HE knows i am capable to handle. So i really hope i wont disappoint HIM, my parents and family..

Til my next update..


I finally gonna finish it..~

Monday, September 22, 2014


Remember the book i posted about back in June 2014? I finally gonna finish reading it. Did not really the time to read the book but somehow i finally managed to steal couple of hours yesterday and last saturday. Anyhow, all i can say is; I really feel guilty for skipping or for procrastinating. I mean the book was fine. I actually enjoyed the plot and the story line. Still have less than 100 pages to finish which i am gonna finish it by tonight.

With things been said, what i am going to conclude now is i have found a new author that i like. Love Dan Brown, Jodi Picoult, Stephanie Meyer and Sidney Sheldon still, but this author is not so bad either. Look forward to read from different authors in future. Will not be buying more books. At this point i still have about 19 unread books. 15 here in melaka with me and 4 more back in ttdi. Wow..

Sort of made a promised to myself last night while i was packing my books for moving to my new house. I promised that i will finish reading all 15 books before moving out from my condo. And i intend to keep that promise. Reading and travelling are what i love to do and apparently travelling is just very costly at the moment considering with everything in hands now. So yeah, back to reading and less travelling.

Anyhow.. It is kinda good knowing that my dataplan is almost reaches its maximum usage. kalau tak, tak ada nya kita nak pegang buku because i was so busy googling for too many things. Advantages of this and that.. Where our next vacay destination would be. What are the conference that i migh be possible of joining.. See sebab tu habis cepat.. Belum lagi busy watching and enjoying those videos uploaded by FaizDickie.. So yeah, thanx to that, i finally get my old life back.. Was good not to have your phone all the time..~


Gonna Be Tough.. Tough.. Tough..~

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello dearest.

Been awhile eh? I was not busy honestly.. Just i was not in the mood of updating. Been enjoying life.. Erk? No... Been enjoying food! That's more like it. Currently we are in our week 2. Surprisingly for the first time, i wish that we are in week 13 already. The timetable is just... Phewwww... Indescribable like totally. Partially ready for the tasks and responsibility, alas i can't escape but just have to endure it.

Moving on, i applied for the thing i always wanted to apply. Frankly speaking i am not sure if i would get the place or not. Friends are being very supportive and positive but since there is no feedback from the institution and of course i kindda submitted the HARD COPY FORMS quite late, so the possibility of not getting it is high. I feel very demotivated and i just wish i can get a sign: either ACCEPTED or REJECTED.. But nothing.. Sadly.. Nothing...

Its my dream we are talking about here. People may have a dream of buying a luxurious handbag or car or whatsoever, and my dream is just this one thing. If i ever get rejected, i can still tolerate (might be) with that.. If there is no news? Stress tau tak? I called the institution earlier and apparently the girl who answered the phone was quite clueless. Tidak membantu.. Sangat. She asked me to call again on Wednesday.. Come on, how hard it is to check the mail? But never mind.. Sabar je ok.. Well others face even more challenging barriers and this is just the beginning, Daisy.. But really, i do hope they have received the document i mailed last week and they accept my application.

Ok, back to work... In October, i will be going to KT for an innovation competition. I did not innovate any World Class product pun. A simple innovation and i am not putting any hope of winning. Just to share my simple idea and hope will get it officially printed and make money... Eh?? Hiksss... Anyway, hubs will be following me to KT. Ain't he sweet? Sangat kan, macam cotton candy..

I guess, that's all for now.

ps: I miss reading my novels. I have no time to myself anymore. Salah sendiri ke sebab i prioritize my work? 



Ramadhan & Idulfitri 2014..~

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The busyness period had over. It was kind of horrible and at times i thought i would not make it but Thankfully and Praise to Allah, nothing is impossible. HE helped me to go through it.. The carnival went fine, the conference was ok, the final examination went smoothly.

Walked into ramadhan with bundles to mark/check. Though i thought i would not have the strength because in the past, migraine and sakit itu common during fasting month. But alhamdulillah i did not have to go through that event. So i did all the markings and uploading peacefully.. Today is the 24th and i have been fasting for 24 days. Alhamdulillah..

Allah granted me with good health and HE helped me to stay awake while driving back to kl. i was so sleepy due to the heat and tiredness but HE accompanied me.. Or at least HE asked HIS malaikats to keep me safe. Truly thankful for that.

Made the preparation for this year's. and i must say, the mood is different.. The preparation is lesser than the year before. Number of pretty cloths is lesser, number of kuih raya is also lesser than last year.. I just don't know why. I feel like i have no cash to spend but seriously i doubt that.. Perhaps i am just quite scared to spend more.. Knowing that in months i am gonna get my new house key.. Obviously the amount of money require is going to be extremely high.. To make a personal loan is never in my list. Not going to pile up my commitment.. Going to stick with what i have already have..Kalau duk tambah commitment, bilanya nak ada saving for haji or something else?? Even so, i always have this one dream of getting my own car. I mean buy with my own hard work.. Lagi2 tengok usia my current car and his current car agak lanjut and macam2 bunyi dah keluar.. Gonna give myself until mid 2016 for that..Lagipun nak juga ayah mamy rasa car kita.. And also i am pretty sure its gonna be slightly more comfortable for abah to climb in and out of the car.. So yeah, Insya Allah soon...

As for now, i am grateful and thankful for what i have. never thought i would be able to be this far. Berkat doa ayah mamy yang tak pernah putus.

Til my next update...~


its all good. Alhamdulillah. .~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alhamdulillah.. Just came back from the conference.
Presented my little research and its all good.
A paper that I was suppose to present last year but can't commit. Syukur, dah lepas.

Thankfully I had great audience who I can consider as supportive.
Glad to be the last presenter.
Heard wonderful presentations earlier. I would have better understanding if they presented in english..
Unfortunately everything was fully in bm.
I understood the content n purpose but failed to understand the terminology..
Wish they could just maintain the terms in english during the presentation. It will make it easier for me to understand... (Nampak tak tahap selfish aku??*

Anyway, it was all good. Learnt a lot..
Especially the parts where I know that *I am not the only who face those and other lecturers from other institutions do too*
Perghhh.. Its like a global problem and not only mine!

See the pictures above?
The proves that I have made it.
Alhamdulillah =)

Til my next update.


Final week of June 2014..~

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hey there dear blog of mine.
It is me again typing here..
See told ya, it would be here more frequent..

So we are approaching the final week of June 2014..
I am gonna be slightly busy this week but not as busy as i was weeks ago.
Tomorrow i need to finalise all the presentations marks and whatever the things that related to MBR.
On tuesday, i will be presenting my second paper..
Should have presented it last year but the cost was too much and i was not ready at that time.
Cost, work and travel was too much at that time.
Now i am ready and i will present at the same place as i did back in 2012.
I hope i wont get any heart burn or nervous attack..
Insya Allah... HE will ease it for me..

Will be turning another year older next friday.
Celebrating birthday is not something that i always do..
I guess the last time i actually celebrated my birthday was back in 2012, 2010 and 2007..
And when i was 8, perhaps..
Lain - lain cuma seperti harian biasa. Nothing much..

Anyway, since its my birthday i requested to watch the transformers once its out.
Simple kan.. never asked anything that was weird or too much from anyone..
To me, birthday is just a day that i want to have it to myself... :)

Transformers: Age Of Extinction is the fourth film in director Michael Bay’s global blockbuster franchise. Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Li Bingbing , Kelsey Grammer, Sophia Myles, T. J. Miller, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor and Titus Welliver star. The film begins after an epic battle that left a great city torn, but with the world saved. As humanity picks up the pieces, a shadowy group reveals itself in an attempt to control the direction of history… while an ancient, powerful new menace sets Earth in its crosshairs. With help from a new cast of humans, Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) and the Autobots rise to meet their most fearsome challenge yet. In an incredible adventure, they are swept up in a war of good and evil, ultimately leading to a climactic battle across the world. 

Since work is almost done, i started to read again..
I know i should not be spending my time on reading this since i should get my proposal done.
but i need me time.. Like seriously.. Me time~~
Maka, this is my next book; just rewards by Barbara Taylor Bradford..


From the blockbuster bestselling author comes the dramatic conclusion to the saga that began with Emma Harte and A Woman of Substance. Four women at a crossroads. A family in crisis. And an enemy planning for a long-awaited chance at revenge. Who will have their just rewards?
Linnet O'Neill, great-granddaughter of Emma Harte, finds herself following in the footsteps of the original woman of substance as she battles to modernize the family business. Returning from her honeymoon full of fresh ideas for bringing the Harte empire into the new century, Linnet locks horns with her mother, Paula, in a battle about the future...
Tessa Fairley is ready to start a new life after an acrimonious divorce—which might include rivaling her sister Linnet for the top spot in the Harte business.
India Standish, who is planning her own glamorous summer wedding in Ireland, is thrown off balance when her fiancΓ©'s daughter Atlanta comes to live with them—closely followed by his unstable ex-girlfriend, intent on trouble.
Evan Hughes, their American cousin, unwittingly brings an enemy into their midst. But Evan's sister Angharad, who tries to infiltrate the quartet of young women, meets Jonathan Ainsley, the deadly enemy of the Hartes.
Together, they find themselves in a web of vengeance whereby no Harte is safe.
"Ambitious…engrossing…the plot is equal parts evil, rivalry, and romance."
WashingtonPost Book World
"Bradford's characters are so real, readers clamor to know them better."
-USAToday Weekend Magazine
Good reviews.. I hope i would give the same remarks once i am done with it..

Til my next update

Dear Ramadhan..~

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ramadhan is just around the corner.
Next sunday is just days away.
I am kinda excited. Excited because its ramadhan again..
Excited because I still have a stable & happy life with husband..
Excited that I have the given the chance to improve myself.
Will try to khatam quran this time. Which means I need to bring my quran to office.. Tapi segan..
Takut org ngata..

Since ramadhan is coming and I dont have the intention to buka luar unless if I have to...
I need to prepare my dish list for every night..
The fact that I don't eat rice much kindda make it difficult for me to cook..
Because at times I wanna eat lauk2 yg kena ngan nasi.. but I dont eat nasi..

Kena buka buku resepi ni.. Heeee...

Til my next update =)


I think I should start blogging again..~

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello blog.. Life is pretty much the same.
Alhamdulillah work is finally reduced and kinda look forward for finals. Few more days..
Can't wait.
The timetable for invigilate is out but I haven't collect it from the HEA..

Next tuesday 430pm, I will be presenting my next paper.. At the same hotel..
Reason? Near and cheaper.
Couldn't be bothered of where to present, just wanna gain as much experience as I can..
I hope I won't be too nervous.

Will be turning 29 soon.. Damn I am getting older..
Sekejap je dah nak 6 tahun I am into blogging.
How time flies.. Too many things I have shared here..
Ups downs and everything..
Dari public to private to public to private..
Not so ready to let the world read of what I have written..
Entahlah.. Let it be my little secret, perhaps..

I have submitted my transfer application.
The meeting will be held in shah alam somewhere in september.
As much as I know I'd be sad of needing to let my hse go if I get to move,
Deep down in my heart, I wish they will approve it.
Entahlah.. I know I can handle bundles of work..
But I am one person who just can't handle drama..
Too many drama around here and I find it impossible to cope..

Let's pray and hope for the best =)


Being the youngest..~

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hey blog.. Where ever I am, I guess I will always be the youngest. I am not sure whether its a good thing or a jinx.

Anyway, it always lead and let me see something that I never wanna see. I mean the world always let me be the witness of something that isn't nice and its just sad.

People screaming/yelling to one and another right before my eyes. I almost cried bcs I just couldn't take it anymore. Seriously things were too harsh. Thank God someone needed my help so it allowed me to leave the scene.

Shouldn't tje elderly show some manners as they always expect us to *walk straight* when they practically aren't good role models. Shocking but true..

A conclusion that I can make is, ikhlas and pls be truthful in whatever u do and say. Everyone would have their own methods & preferences but do know that everything can actually be discussed. Respect has to be mutual and not a one way street.


Quick Update..~

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello dear blog of mine..

It has been awhile eh.. I am getting busier day by day..
But like it or not, still have to find (create) time to spend with ma husband..
Cemana sibuk pun, I must not forget that "syurga di bawah tapak kaki suami"..

Anyhow, here are few pictures taken for the past few weeks that kind of explain what i had been up to..

1st pic.. This pic was taken earlier of this month.
At Langkawi.. Went there with my family & hubs..
A very short vacay.. I was terribly sick but nothing stopped me from walking here and there..
Takkan sebab sakit nak cancel everything, aite?
Of course no... managed to make parents happy, so i considered everything was a success!!

After i came back from langkawi & penang, workload piled up..
Obviously i got even more stressed and tired..
So, another short weekend gateaway with hubs' friends was amazing..
Thank you people.. You people made my day.. Thank you soooo much!!
We went to penang last year, and just to Morib this year..
Planning on hitting the island next year..
Can't wait :)

Got back to reality..
Sunday and monday at morib and tuesday (yday) i was at the SACC
For a national competition..
No luck this year..
Never mind.. As expected.. Projek belum matang..
Better luck next year, insya Allah with greater and more impact project hopefully..
Aiming for South Africa :)

So, that what was i had been up to..
Gonna be here in KL until next monday..
Hoping to have the chance to meet my rektor this coming monday..
And gonna spend few days in the prison for my next project..
Gonna work 72hrs non-stop next weekend..

Mengharapkan kesihatan yang superb :)

Til my next update!!


Goodbye April & Hello May..~

Monday, April 28, 2014

Look at the date. 28th April 2014.. Back in 2012, i was engaged on this date. 
How cool is that??
Really cool ;p

Anyway, work is piling up.. Keeps on piling up.. 
Especially knowing my new task would be to approach and invite our TPM to our event. 
So hard but like i have a choice? Seriously... NOT..

The thing that i want to proceed in September requires me to start all the drafting now..
Unfortunately i really have no time..
Now that i have to collaborate with penjara and such, it shorten my time for other things..
I need more space to get things done so that i won't disappoint anyone..
Please.. Oh GOD please guide me on making everything right with zero defects..

Anyway, on wednesday i have to work in KL.. 
With public holiday on Thursday, confirm saya cuti hari jumaat..
Take that opportunity to go for a vacation until Sunday.
Work at Shah Alam on Monday before i drive back to Melaka..
Have a meeting at the prison on Tuesday morning.. Hope everything will be great and fine =)

Last but not least.. Just got back from Sabah..
Had 5days work there and everything was fine and great.
Will go back there kalau ada peluang..

Til my next update..


It was indeed a busy weekend for me..~

Monday, March 17, 2014

My life would be pretty much the same. 
The schedule remain pack and i practically would not have the chance to enjoy my weekend leisure at home with love ones.. 
Of cos in my case, that would be my husband.
Too many things to do, regardless of where i am.
Either i am in melaka or in KL
Weekend or no, there is nothing difference about it.

5days a week, memang sah2 i'll be sitting behind my desk most of the time if i have no class.
Doing all the management works and also now that i have new responsibility..
A huge responsibility is placed on my shoulder.
SHE believes and has faith in me that i can perform and carry the title.
Ermm.. Niat memang macam nak tolak..
But i do believe if i ever decline this one time, there will be no second time for me..
So yeah, challenge accepted..

Not to forget, in september insya Allah, i may take another huge step.
Well i am not sure how it will turn out to be, but yes i am ready to face all those things.
Something that i should have started in 2012 but due to unforeseen barriers and minor miscommunication, i kindda lost the opportunity..
Sad case.. very much.. But can i do? Remain silent and shut up.
Peluang ini muncul once more. And i have no intention of declining it eventho it maight cost me a fortune.
Dengan rumah nak masuk, dengan conference bagai..
But seriously, i will not say NO..
I am taking this opportunity and do not want to lose it again.

Having parents and hubs behind me, supporting and praying for me, i know i can pull it thru..
Insya Allah..
May Allah help me once more.. Either directly or indirectly, i would be thankful enough.

Til my next update...


Aircraft.. Air flight.. Aeroplane...~

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello blog. I have entered second week of the semester.
Too many things to do.. And i would not say i have no time for it..
I guess things are under control.
So i went back to ttdi last weekend. Did not have the intention to, but just went back anyway..

Did not do much as everyone was really shocked and busy watching the telly to get the latest update on the missing of MH370. Such a bad news to us all..
Nevertheless, there are people who just plain stupid and insensitive..
Posted all those unnecessary words and remarks.

To all victims onboard, please hang in there. We are doing as much we can to locate you.
I know it is impossible for me to actually fly here and there to find them,
But what  can do is, my prayers are always with the victims.
Semoga anda semua berada dalam keadaan selamat.
And if lets say, you people are no longer "here", semoga anda damailah di sana..

Anyhow, last saturday night..
Hubs and i had saturdate. We went to watch this movie (pic below).
Had planned for this even before the event took place.
So i guess, the movie is just lucky to be aired at the perfect timing.
Lucky for the producers..
Anyway, the movie was fine. The surprises were there..
Always expect the unexpected..
I mean the stupid looking guy is always the bad guy and vice versa.

The whole time watching it, my mind could not stop thinking about the mh370.
really wonder what actually had happened to them.
Do hope that everyone is fine.
Hoping for the best.
Really hope that GOD is hiding the aircraft and will let us "see" it once we have learn the lesson..
Sangat percaya pada takdir ALLAH dan saya percaya setiap kejadian ada hikmahnye..
Mengharapkan perkara ini tiada kaitan dengan sebarang niat jahat manusia..
Insya Allah..

Back to the movie,
So, to those who have not watch the movie yet, perhaps you could watch it.

Til my next update!!~

Meeting people's expectation..~

Thursday, March 6, 2014

People been saying, "just be yourself. you dont have to pretend to be anyone else". By being myself means; a huge wall between me and others. just remain focus on getting my work done and go back when i have everything settled. 

Unfortunately, when u do that kindda thing, that is when you have become so "active" all of sudden. Like u are here and there. Like you are into of everything and anything.. Pelik, tp itulah kenyataan..

Apparently me and roomate have this kind of working attitude. We only speak when we have to and only join things when it is neccessary. Not so much of blablabla and procrastinate kerja ke apa ke. Unfortunately, we both got bang.. Orang yg mengipas, suke buat lawak bodoh then end up kerja tak siap and hypocrites akan sentiasa terlepas. 

What can you say about it? Saya kerja atas niat Lillahi Taala.. Pleasing people is so not my goals..~



Monday, March 3, 2014

Last friday and yesterday, i had a long talk about those who were born 1986. I mean it all started when my friend started to explain to me why suddenly there are gaps between them and the other 2. Of course i am aware of the gaps but i could not be bothered to ask why or to get myself involved.. Nevertheless, i just listened to her story. And my reaction was, "ek eleehhhh..." Thenl i told her my side of story which i encountered like 8 months ago with those 2.. The comment i got from her was, "Apasal kau tak pernah cerita and cemana kau boleh macam tak da perasaan je??" My answer was simple..

Keep your life simple.. Full of joy, love and tenderness.. The less problem you have with people, the happier you will become.. Takdalah membengkak je hati bila nampak orang di event or majlis.. Even so, thanx for the little drama you created over the weekend. I had quite a laugh.. You just proved the whole thing i explained to my friend last friday was applicable and acceptable.. Lagi - lagi semuanya lahir in 1986.. No offence but thank you :)

Til my next update..~


hey hey hey...~

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I watched this movie last friday with my hubs. Was not so bad. Nice actions. Nice graphics. Nice colors. The movie was solid 2 hours. I didn't find it boring or what. except that at a point, i found it a bit boring. Meleret ke apa ke.. Didn't fall asleep, itu yang penting. Cuma, i would say, i prefer the old version better. Don't know why.. Well, sometimes, when you are too hard, the result would be able to capture the hearts of others. Bukan kata ianya tak ada quality, mungkin hanya kamu saja yang faham.. Anyhow, it was a good one. I would not mind to watch it again.. On TV of course..~

Next update, to those who love to read books and actually have time to read (unlike me who love but have very limited time), please don't forget to crash the mines starting from 15th feb until 21st feb. Go grab as much books as u like. Spend on books tak rugi. Provided u will read those la.. Kita still ada banyak buku tak banyak. Such a waste. Wish i do have time to read.. Penat bila balik rumah.. Kat ofis tak abes2 baca research and text books. Balik rumah nak hadap tulisan lagi, mmg tak larat dah.. Anyway, do spread this around ok.. Please Malaysians, jadilah rajin membaca. Pupuk sikap minat membaca dari kecil..~

Til my next update.


I was sick again and i am thankful..~

Last friday as i was on my way back to KL, i started to sneeze.
But controllable and still managed to went out with hubs to watch Robocop that night.
Unfortunately on Saturday, the sneezing worsen.. Even so, clinic was not in my to-do-list on that day..
Went back to MIL home and had trouble of sleeping.
The head felt like idk..
On sunday morning, hubs insisted of taking me to the clinic and so we went.
The thermometer "decided" to tell me that i was not on fever but the doctor insisted on telling me that i have fever.
Nurse pun kata kita demam sebab i was burning hot.
She prescribed me some medc and gave me 2 days of MC.
Hubs dropped me at my parents' home on mon and tues.
Because he knew that's where i can be more comfortable sbb sakit..
Kalau sihat, i dont mind staying at my in laws'..

Monday was ok. Kepala sakit sikit2 but i was fine.
But tuesday was like the world is exploding.
I cant explain the pain..
Told parents that i have a headache and they asked me to sleep.
I couldnt sleep due to the pain and so i called my hubs..
Die suruh makan ubat..
I guess he didnt know what kind of pain i had to endure..

So i hung up, and walked into my parents' room..
Dorg still tak sedar that i was different til i said,
"i am not interested in listening to all the stories that u want to tell me".
Dorg senyap and then they looked at me. Then only they realized how much i was in pain..
Mamy cepat2 urut kepala and baca i dont know what surah and ayah bagi kita minum air..
Air yassin and die da baca some surahs.
Drank it and went back into my room..
1/2hour later, muntah bagai pipe bomba and terus sehat banyak..
Kepala ada la sikit2 sakit.. Tidur sampai hubs came over to fetch me.
Balik umah inlaws... bla bla bla..
Woke up this morning with slight dizzy.. Drove back to melaka
And here i am typing this after i had done almost the things that should be done for the past 2 days..
Now, patiently waiting for my meeting at 430pm that i was supposed to attend yday at 3pm but i cancelled it..

Mengharapkan kesihatan yang lebih baik..

Terima ayah mamy sebab jaga kita..
Terima kasih abah mak sebab sentiasa preparekan food for me..
Terima kasih b sebab sentiasa doakan untuk kita and teman kite spjg kite melepet last weekend and setiap malam..
I know u were panic a bit because it had been what? 8 months since kita tak sakit cemtu kan.. :)

Terima kasih Allah kerana beri aku ujian begini..
Setiap kesakitan dan ujian adalah cara untuk kau tunjukkan kasih sayang kau dan mungkin cara untuk hapuskan dosa aku..
Kalau itu adalah caranya, aku terima dengan redha :)
Sakit, tapi aku redha..

Til my next update..


Umrah 2014~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah..

Last 22Jan, my family and i flew to Madinah and we came back on 1st feb 2014.
Never thought that i would be "invited" again. Sangat terharu. Thanks to my parents for sponsoring me and hubs.
Wonderful gift we could ever asked for. Thank you so much...

Hubs and i had this plan of performing umrah together after our wedding last year but had postponed it as mamy and others want to go also.
But they can't go yet on those dates. Kakak nak deliver la, nephew and niece nak exam semua.
So yeah, we finally get to go last 22nd january after had to face many many many unforeseen issues and dramas.

Reached medina around 11pm (local time). We were there from thurs til saturday.
Memang peak sgt sebab arab saudi cuti.
Anyhow, we unpacked and slept.
Woke up at 430am and walked to Masjid Nabawi.
Penuh and packed. Frust seme kena solat subuh atas marble but sangat happy because there were so many people.
I somehow felt happy to see many muslims got together and solat. Like seriously, i did..
But of course kadang kala mcm frust sebab asyik kena tolak.
Went to Quba on thursday. Too many people and the drama was too overwhelming.
After we went thru, i broke down and cried. I had my mom and others walked behind me.. "sigh"

The drama did not stop there. Had to encounter similar incident when we intended to visit Raudhah.
Had to wait for nearly 4 hours and once we were in there, the pushing did not stop.
Nevertheless, i took the opportunity to pray and doa.
I did not cry.. Not until the ustazah said "Ok, mari kita"..
At that time, i cried hard. My reaction towards PBUH was like he was there. Like he was actually there..
Standing and watching.. Sumpah.. That was how i felt at that time..

On Saturday, we left madinah around 4pm (kot) and the journey to mekah began,
Reached mekah around 10pm. had our dinner and left to Masjidil Haram.
Saw the kaabah after 11years was indescribable.
I cried again after i was done with the tawaf.
I cried because i really cant believe that i was there. Stand tall in front of it.
Cant believe that Allah actually invited me.. Cant believe that Allah actually accepted my visit.
Nanges terharu.. And i feel like crying as i am typing now..
Done my first umrah wajib around 2am and headed to the hotel.

Spent the next few days with performing solat at the mosque and visiting several places.
And also got the chance to perform another 2 umrah.
I cried hard on my 3rd umrah.
Mcm2 kita sebut dalam doa. Mcm2 kite minta.
Rasa diri sangat hina untuk meminta2 tp kepada siapa lagi nak mengadu and meminta??
Requested few things and i really do hope that Allah will grant my prayers. Really do hope..

Did my tawaf widak last friday. And of course, i cried.
One of the many things i requested from HIM was, "Tolong jemput aku lagi ke mekah dan madinah. Tolong sangat2"..
I am sure whether what i feel now is the same as to what others feel..
Tapi kite rasa sangat2 "attach" to mekah. I just dont know how to explain. Tp itulah yang kite rasa...
I really wanna go there again.. I really do...

Ya Allah.. Please invite me again.
Please let me set my foot there again.. Please...
Only u know how much i wanna go there again..
Perasaan kita sekarang tak sama macam 12 and 11 tahun yang lalu.. I appreciate this whole umrah and ibadat more now..

Sangat mengharapkan ada rezeki lagi untuk kite ke sana dalam masa terdekat...