Been gone for far too long..~

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hello dearest blog of mine.

I had been very busy for the past 8 weeks due to final examination, short vacation with hubs and was here and there attending meetings and workshops. Also, managed to finish a book and finishing another one but i don't think have enough time to finish the current reading because i have to get started on writing my proposal and at the same time i need to prepare my teaching materials. The new semester is starting in two weeks time and i am going to lecture 3 different subjects. Seriously, i am going to be very busy for the next few months. 

I am not here to complain, but just want to express my concerns.. Takut kalau tak mampu nak deliver and carry everything at the same time. Fuhhhhh.. Apa pun, i believe ALLAH won't give me all these if HE knows that i can't handle those. So if HE believes in me, why should i disappoint him? Kan? So yeah, i will try my very best to do everything.. Bit by bit.. Pelan pelan kayuh... Insya Allah... All i need is endless support from my other half which i know he won't stop from giving any...

Anyway, here are the books i mentioned earlier.. Kindly google for the synopsis because my hands are actually tied doing something else now...

If you ask me, the books are not really suitable for those who are 18 and below. I mean, i know they prolly say that are mature enough but frankly speaking, from islam perspective i highly discourage them to read. Nevertheless, both books teach me to be a tougher woman, mentally and emotionally...

That's all for now..