Block and Unblock..~

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dearest blog..

Life has been pretty "entiti" lately and not to forget, i had been occupied with classes, trips and entertaining guests at home.. Also had to attend weekend classes plus went here and there trying to be human. In short, i was busy, tired and knackered... Always been an "unhuman" myself.

Thou i was busy handling matters and things, still i cannot really focus on my main task.. My utmost important thing should be done.. Which is, my proposal. I just do not know how to cope with everything and how on earth can i remain sane. Things are just seems to much althou i tried to stay away from taking any responsibility. Benda yang sikit kita amek ni pun dah amek banyak masa dalam hidup kita.. Haiyoo..

I try to remain positive and try to manage my time efficiently, tapi nampak macam tak berhasil. If i read continuosly, i may make my eyes worsen. That is why i need to rest from time to time.. (not to forget, my migraine could attack anytime).. But once i stop to "rest", i tend to do my house chores which at the end, my body will be too tired to continue to read and type. Blergghhhh...

Anyway, back to my title/topic.. Block and unblock.. Have you ever met someone or be friended with someone who have this kind of attitude, Kejap kawan, kejap block you on FB, ig and whatsapp? Like seriously.. I have this one person. This person could block and unblock me whenver this person wants. Out of the blue. Bila dia unblock and request to follow ke apa ke, i would usually ask.. "apahal?" This person would say, "terpaksa".. Oh my god.. Kalau dah banyak kali, kau nak aku kata apa? Frankly speaking, it doesn't affect me.. Tapi aku rasa rimas sangat.. Macam budak - budak.. Nak bla, bla aja.. Ni kejap datang, kejap pergi.. If u ever feel like u do not want to communicate with me, then just don't. Perlu ke kejap block kejap unblock? You have some issue, pal..

First 2 time this person done it to me, i was surprised and wonder what wrong did i do. But eventually bila dah 3 - 4 kali, kita pula terus remove, block dia.. So at least when dia unblock me, dia still could not add me whatever anymore.. That shows how annoyed i am..

So, yeah... That is all for today..