Our own crib, finally 💃💃💃💃💃

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dearest blog.

Last month on the 27th, we have received the keys to our own home. Finally the long waits has ended. We finally have our very first asset. What made it even more special was, 27th june was my birthday. What a great day, indeed. Thus we were very busy on every weekend getting our home done, tidying up the house, moved in and bla bla bla.. We did everything by ourselves. Slowly we managed to get things done. 

Friends did offer their helps but we thought we should not burden others since its the holy month. Takut orang letih. Obviously we can handle the tiredness as it is our home. So, apa da hal??? Heheh...Officially moved in on the 13th of july. 4 days before eid. Yup, we were that crazy.. Remember my previous post? About me saying how busy i am gonna get? Itu cerita sebelum dapat tahunakan dapat kunci rumah. Imagine how my fasting month like after we received the keys?? Hahaha.. Sumpah penat nak gila.

There was one night, i actually create a drama of wanting go sleep badly though we were at a restaurant having our sahur at that time. Kesian sang suami but Alhamdulillah, he understood my situation perfectly.

Today, 29th of july.... 16 days after we have moved in... I still could not believe that we have a house.. Hahahahaha...

Til my next post.

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