I got my furniture..~

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hello dearest blog..

Referring to my previous post with me mentioning about needed to save up so i can purchase my new sofa. Well guess what?.. Last weekend hubs and i went to a place where lots of furniture stores are located. So we crashed one outlet and they offered great price for a 3-seater sofa and 2 wing chairs. And, without further thinking and analysing, we grabbed it. We kind of fell in love with the dining table as well (had to say no with Ikea's because they offered us so much cheaper).. But the owner just had to confirm with us about the availability of the table on the next day.

The next day, we gave the owner a call and he told us that if we insist of wanting the dining table set, we really have to wait. being me, no i can't wait. We went to that area again and go to the next store. We liked this one set but unfortunately it only comes with 4 chairs. And we wanted 8 chairs. So we purchased the next best thing with rm100 cheaper than what the first shop offered. Similar with what we wanted at the first shop but of course the first shop offered better design (for the 8 chairs, i meant). 

Today, the sofa guy called and informed us that items are ready and we gave the dining's a call, they also said that they are ready. Since the items are needed to be delivered to melaka, now the hubs must start to set time and date with his friend who is going to transport the items back to our home. Most prolly either on monday noon or tuesday morning, those items will arrive at their new home.. And i am so frigging excited, Heheh~

Til my next update.

Without wax,


Mid August Crisis..~

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello dearest blog.

The 20th day of August today it is. A month plus after we have moved into our very home and the house is still is not done yet. That's what happened when you have rm10k short. I can say the house is 90% minus sofa and few wall decorations. Other than, we are good to go.

Frankly, we HAD the budget at first but spent rm5k EXTRA on our kitchen cabinet due wanting it to be done ASAP. If just continue on waiting until SEPTEMBER, we could have save up the cash and will only be rm5k low in our total budget. Orang gopoh memang rugi. Actually, the whole reason for me wanting things to be done quickly not because i can't wait. Obviously i can. Cuma once the semester starts, i can't take leaves thus i can't be at home while the fixing the cabinet is being done. That's the whole reason and basically the main reason.

As for now, i am waiting for the right time to purchase my dining table as the table set is in KL, and for the TM people to come over to install the internet. Last but not least, once our save is stable enough, we are gonna purchase our sofa set. Nothing fancy, nothing awesome.. Just some simple set to replace our rm650 sofa set that we purchased 3 & 1/2 years ago which by the way is still in 6/10 good condition.. Hiks...~

Next project will definitely to save up for my conference fee and vietnam's trip. Taking my students to vietnam in november. Although it's work but it is not covered by our management. Memang sah2 kami berkhidmat untuk rakyat. And betullah kata orang. tugas guru ni mulia. Lol..~

Last but not least, early of August (1-4), we went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. My treat for the parents and hubs. I went there last year and i fell in love with it and decided to bring the loved ones there. 2 aunts and an uncle went with us as well. The whole trip was great and fine but we experienced some drama situation sikit when our van failed to climb the hills which result to that, everyone went panic except for my hubs. Praise to HIM, we reached KL safe and sound. A memorable trip. I brought my parents to Langkawi last year and as for next year, i was thinking of bringing them to Labuan or Ipoh. Never explored Ipoh before and i never been to Labuan as well.. Hope all plan will go well for me and family, In sya Allah.

Til my next update.

Without wax.