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Monday, October 26, 2015


Dearest blog. It has been a very tiring week for as i had to be in places so i had to travel back and forth. Result to that, i have many work pending which i really should focus in getting those done but here i am typing an entry.

Look at the title above. I was in front of the telly when the PM announced the budget. There were things that i can say, i'd agree on but there are things that i am not. For instance, they cut down an amount of rm2.6 billion on education fund.. I think that one is ridiculous. But after 10minutes of thinking, i think that is quite reasonable. Perhaps it will motivate and encourage us all to work harder. I don't always agree that we should always serve the rakyat. once in awhile, the gov has to educate the rakyat to start to be independent and not highly depending on others most of the time. I know it would definitely be difficult for them and obviously many will hate the gov, but at some point i am sure they will thank the gov.. I just hope what i wish and instinct will eventually come true. Never the less, lets just pray nothing but the best for Malaysia.

I have more than just a paragraph in my head, but i don't think i would want to spend the minutes typing here. i'll write soon.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hey bloggie.

Welcome October. Seriously i think, 2015 flies way too fast. I could still remember last October, i was busy trying to get my proposal done to apply for my PhD. And all of sudden, it is already past a year. AT the current state, i am still in the middle of trying to get my real proposal done.After almost a year in this journey, yet still everything is still blurry. Stressful but what more can i expect. I still have limitations here and there. Plus, with the migraine attacks. Not to forget, gangguan setan as well.

Moving on, lets go back to the title. I had this one fb friend whom i think she loved to stalk my wall and spread my stories in her own version. Means, what she said is completely not as to what i actually went thru. For months i remained silent and kept quiet. Then all of sudden, i decided to pull of the plug. Not only i unfriended her, i blocked her as well. After almost 7 months, i removed her from my block list. Yet still do not feel like adding her again. Boy i had the best 7 months of my life. Kalau tau begini punya bahagia, dari 2012 kita react macam ni.. Hehehe..

Such a relief...

Never the less, personally, i don't hate her. I still talk to her. But of cos, i limit my words and only speak occasionally. To actually have a chat with like the old days, is definitely won't happen again. She had caused me enough. I think, she did notice my actions as she started to say "hi" to me whenever we bump into each other which she did not before and while i was blocking her.

Takapalah.. Whatever that makes her happy.. I am happier living in my own small nut shell. Less people, less hearts to please and definitely less drama.

Without wax,