As Much As I Wanna Say NO...~

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hello dearest blog.

I am so way behind schedule of everything. I have my own target and due date but unfortunately there are always matters and barriers that stop me from proceeding. I am way too busy this semester despite I have planned not to take any job responsibility as I really intend to focus on my work and study. Nevertheless, works piling up. Not that  I am nor grateful that people acknowledge my expertise and skills, but I seriously think I should focus more on what I am doing. I really want to complete my study on time but how on earth can  I do that if things keep coming in to my way?? I have planned ahead. I have planned how my December weekends will look like but things just got very messy. I really need my days/weekends to myself for my readings... I seriously thought I could submit my proposal by this december but it looks like it would never be a reality. NEVER.

Friends... And colleagues. Those who are actually sharing similar shoes as mine, would definitely understand what I am going through now. But the sad thing is, majority are not wearing the shoes thus they do not really understand my condition and result, I kinda be the bad person for keep on turning down people's invitation for what-so-ever thingy. 

Last but not least, at this very moment, I don't think I need any extra drama.. Any memories to re-enter my present life. No I do not need that. So please, do not ever try to bring up the past. Just do not. I do not want to be the person who is going to say harsh words which it might end this what-ever-ship we have. Respect my decision to mind my own business and please respect the distance I have created years ago. I enjoy your company and stories but with limits. Do not say and assume something just because you think you know me when clearly you never knew me. 

Gahhh... Here you go blog. Sorry for all these negativity words. Too much going on currently and yes, this blog is meant for me to say things I can't say it elsewhere and to anyone..

Til my next post.

Without wax,

ps: I enjoyed Ho Chi Mihn City very much. Definitely would wanna go there again. Great food. Great ambient.