Resolutions..~ 2016? Ahaxx

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hey there bloggie..

You know, 2015 is reaching its end. Just in 3 more days. And if you ask me, i think i still have more than 3 azmas to complete.. In other words, failed to achieve.. If i could recall , these are my 2015 resolutions;

  1. Eat three times daily. Must have simple breakfast, heavy lunch & light dinner (FAILED). I have my brunch at 11am and eat i-dont-know-what for dinner. Where i dont eat any most of the times.
  2. To read one book per month. Definitely another FAILURE. I read only first few months of 2015. I stopped reading after my 5th book. Not that i was lazy.. But i had extra office work plus with my phd thingy.
  3. To work out every morning before work. Completely FAILED. I dont even have time to make breakfast so what on earth do i  think that i would be capable of doing some stretching? 
  4. Drink at least 1.5L water per day.. 500ml (where 250ml coffee) pun seems impossible to drink in a day.
  5. To prepare my own meal everyday without fail. Hurm... Well at least i can be proud of myself for did not buy anything for berbuka.. I cooked my own meal the whole month and also most of the time.
  6. Show some progress on my phd work (YES)
  7. Presented at high impact conference (YES)
  8. Masuk rumah and live life without hutang (YES)
  9. Travel with hubs and travel with family (YES)
  10. Ordered my first car (YES)

So it is like, 5 vs 5. Heheh.. Not too bad. So what would be my 2016 resolutions? Almost similar!!

  • Eat CLEAN with 3 meals per day. Please cook every meal by myself. Only dine out when hubs around.
  • Drink 2L water per day (A MUST)
  • Please get that book finish. And start to read other books as well.
  • Uninstall games from my phone so i can hold less the phone. Thus more readings can be done.
  • DRP in APRIL
  • Present at higher conference (between Oct - Dec)
  • Travel two times (1 local and 1 abroad)
  • Be consistent in my phd.  
Well, i hope i can do all these. Especially the DRP part.

Happy new year folks~

Without wax,