A Very Emotional Lady Here..~

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hey there blog.

You know, sometimes i just have no other better things to do although i have tonnes of pending works. Been spending my days watching Pearl Habor to the extend husband said this to me, "dah tak ada cerita lain ke?". No matter how many times, i still cry when Danny dies. Hahah.. 

Speaking of crying watching tv show.. I am sure many already know about the thing that went viral this past 2 weeks. About a character named BUNTAT that died on Mia's lap. My oh my, of course i was one of the million audience that cried. Seriously, kau hati batu kalau tak nangis wehy.. 

Aku baca buku cerita pun boleh nanges wehy, apatah lagi tengok drama.. So emotional :')

My Recent Readings..~

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Assalammualaikum wbt.

Hello dearest blog. Lots had taken place but i think i am still doing ok. I have been travelling up and down fulfilling my work/study related tasks and family responsibility til to an extend i think i almost give up. Give up because i felt tired. I wonder why i want to be a wonder woman and do all the things that i might incapable of doing. 

All this hassles and routines had made me to kind of be in my world again. You know the old me. The old world. Spend more time with my own self. Mumbling and rambling alone to let all this sadness and frustrations go and last but not least... To start reading again. At least i could be in other world apart my reality. Seriously, if anyone ask me what is exactly my problem is.. I honestly do not know. I think others have multiple bigger problems than mine but they are doing so well. 

I keep on telling myself that ALLAH is there. And i should be thankful that whatever i am facing now is not related with others. No one cause any of this to me. It is just me trying to be a wonder woman and apparently of course i am no where close to it.

Anyhow, i finished my first ever book by Diane Chamberlain and i love it. True what other have commented about it.They said, "If you are a fan of Jodi Piccoult, you definitely going to like Diane's works". So yes, i like it and i am reading my second book. I believe she has tones other but as to date, i only have two her books. Will find some more after i finish my other 20 books (guilty).

I read The Bay at Midnight first and i like it and here is the synopsis of this book

Her family's cottage on the New Jersey shore was a place of freedom and innocence for Julie Bauer -- until tragedy struck when her seventeen-year-old sister, Isabel, was murdered.

It's been more than forty years since that August night, but Julie's memories of her sister's death still color her world, causing turmoil in her relationships with her teenage daughter, Shannon, and her mother, Maria.

Now an unexpected letter from someone in her past raises questions about what really happened that night. Questions about Julie's own complicity, about a devastating secret her mother kept from them all. Questions about the person who went to prison for Izzy's murder -- and about the man who didn't.

Now Julie must harness the courage to revisit her past and untangle the shattering emotions that led to one unspeakable act of violence on the bay at midnight.

Second and current reading is, Before the Storm

Others notice the way he blurts out anything that comes into his mind, how he cannot foresee consequences, that he's more child than teenager. But his mother sees a boy with a heart as open and wide as the ocean.
Laurel Lockwood lost her son once through neglect. She's spent the rest of her life determined to make up for her mistakes, and she's succeeded in becoming a committed, protective parent—maybe even overprotective. Still, she loosens her grip just enough to let Andy attend a local church social—a decision that terrifies her when the church is consumed by fire. But Andy survives…and remarkably, saves other children from the flames. Laurel watches as Andy basks in the role of unlikely hero and the world finally sees her Andy, the sweet boy she knows as well as her own heart.
But when the suspicion of arson is cast upon Andy, Laurel must ask herself how well she really knows her son…and how far she'll go to keep her promise to protect him forever.
I like what i read and i look forward to finish my current book and the 20 others so i can find the remaining books from this author. I wish and hope that everyone would like to read. Does not matter what materials, as long you grab something to read. But if the materials are academical and something that help you to boost your general knowledge, that would be better.

Til my next update.

Socialising Is So Not Me..~

Monday, September 19, 2016

Making new friends is not my forte.. Walking around and act friendly is just so not me. But to survive, that's exactly what you need to do.. Or else, you will be stuck behind your desk entire time..

And so, for the past few weeks i tried to be occupied by tagging my friends for lunch nor tea. It was fun and fine.. Killing some time and straighten your legs and arms.. But at the end, I still feel completely alone inside. Perhaps I am not "there" when I am with them.. Do not know exactly how to feel but I sincerely not good in mingling.. 

Not them.. Completely me.. We are not always on the same page.. Practically not having the same interest. Could not really catch up with their issues. No matter how much I try..

Not that I don't understand all.. Just most of the time.. We are not on the same page.. Perhaps because i have different goals and needs.. Perhaps I keep on thinking moving back to KL which that kind of makes my heart is not here. Entahlah.. I find socialising is difficult as you grow older.. Having fewer friends day by day.. LOL..~

Til my next update..

Study Leave or No..?~

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hello dearest blog.

Have u ever felt like u wish u know something ahead so u can get yourself prepared but unfortunately life always want to surprise you? U always wish that you could have a stable life as in mentally and physically but hey it seems so impossible because you are the youngest one. And being young means you are always free to be bullied. Being tough and firm won't guarantee you a safe spot. No matter how good you are, but if you know nothing about kissing people's ass, you are not going anywhere. Sad but true. Since i am too tired to watch all the drama and clean other people's mess, i decided to take my study leave. Finally. After 3 months of contemplating.. After 3 months of thinking the pros and cons, so yeah... Taking leave is exactly what i need.

Hopefully the application goes smoothly. Once i come back from the leave, I really hope i could be transferred to shah alam. Believe it or not, i have started in searching for houses to purchase back in klang valley. I would not mind to let my current 1 year old home go. Living in melaka is something i look forward to. But experiencing the drama is just not worth it.

Til my next update.


Movies Catching Up..~

Monday, September 5, 2016

For the past 3 weeks, i had been spending my time to catch up with some movies. Both in theatre and dvds at home. Boy, never felt this good for quite some times. Relax without doing anything. So yesterday was the last day, i guess. Starting new semester today and i could my works all piling up.. Like magic. One day u had nothing to do, and today... Poofff... Tadaaaa...

Here are the movies i watched;

The Rock never fail to disappoint me in this Central Intelligence. The movie was hilarious and he was great in the movie. I have always like him since he was in the wrestling entertainment. Well i hope, he will star in many more movies. In whatever genre.. He is good. 

Next was Skiptrace by none others, our KungFu hero, Mr Jackie Chan. Personally i think Mr Chan was trying way too hard. A movie is all about drama although it has a genre. Yet again, right from start til the end, the movie was full with fighting. I think, he was trying to tell the world that he is still fit for the martial arts. Which i don't think he needs to. At the end, i did not enjoy the movie. It was plain dull.

Third movie it was Suicide Squad. It was the longest hours and minutes that i had to spend in the cineplex. It was boring and i practically did not understand the whole reason of filming this movie. At first i thought, the first 30 minutes was the boring part and it will get better after it but clearly i was wrong. Cry. I am the type that will never read any synopsis or reviews before watching any movie. For the first time ever, I regret that i did not.

Three days after Suicide Squad, my friends and i watched this Bad Moms. Love this movie. It entertained me all the way. I am glad that i watched this in the theatre. I laughed out loud like nobody was there. Hilarious and fun. Yet again, it did deliver message. Some may say, it is just another ordinary movie. But what's the point of having too many actions, fights and cgi but viewers did not understand a thing? So yeah, i love this and i actually watched this twice.

When i watched the movies mentioned earlier, the cinema showed us the trailer of this Nine Lives. From the trailer i think this movie would be another one that will make me laugh but sadly, it did not. The cat was cute, of course. but i just could not find this movie fun. I love kids moves, really do, but somehow this one just did not catch my attention. Sorry Tim Allen.

Last movie watched in theatre was this The Mechanic. Remember i never wan to read the synopsis and revew before watching anything? But after Suicide Squad and SkipTrace, i told myself i need to read the reviews, at least. To get myself prepared. So, majority rated this movie with 5/10. Knowing that, i placed my expectation low and guess what, i felt fine after watching it. The whole story was ok. Although i don't understand why on earth the malaysian sounded like indonesians..? The director need to be careful after this. It is either the production was under budget or the director failed to conduct thorough homework.

I watched 2 dvds which were;

I clearly have a high expectation for this movie as the promotion was really aggressive and extravagant. Unfortunately, i fell asleep i think about 28 minutes after the movie started. Sorry Ghostbusters, i do not like the movie at all. Glad i watched this at home. A rm5 dvd. 

I wanted to watch this Me Before You in cinema but i was busy over work and other matters. I did not even have the time to purchase the dvd. When i finally had time, the dvd was already out of stock. Lucky me, my friend lend me this and so, i watched this yesterday. Boy, i love it. I teared a bit. Hahah.. Worth my time and thanx to this movie, my sunday afternoon was well spent. 

There.. All 8 recent movies in 3 weeks. I watched uncountable numbers of movies. Thanks to the free movie channels astro gave us. LOL. Anyhow, I still have many others to watch but i doubt that i have the time to spare. Maybe some other time.

Til my next post. 

ps: First day of the semester.. Good luck to myself. I sincerely hope i am in better shape.


August 2016..~

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hello dearest blog...

8 months in 2016 and many many major events had taken place. Good ones, happy ones, sad ones, tragic ones... I am sure Allah has made plans for me and i am trying my best to endure and enjoy the rides. I am contend with everything and I sure HE knows that i can handle them all. For that matter, i am not gonna back down.. Insya Allah, He will always be by my side..

Anyhow, I have a new read. I know I should be doing my phd and tonnes of other work but here I am, reading another book. Which I think, it is better than me continuously playing games.

My new read is, Restoring Grace and here is the synopsis;

Grace Soudley's life is coming apart at the seams. Recently divorced, she is still living in the beautiful yet crumbling old house her godmother left her, but unless she can find a fortune, the house will disintegrate around her.
Artist Ellie Summers' life is unraveling too. She's pregnant, but her boyfriend is less than enthusiastic about parenthood, and her parents are not exactly inviting her to move back home. She has to come up with a new plan. Fast.
Ellie needs a place to stay; Grace needs a lodger. Each of them needs a friend, and together they begin the work of fixing up the house. But then an unexpected and disconcertingly handsome man arrives on the scene, apparently determined to help. And when Grace discovers some beautiful and potentially valuable paintings hidden behind the tattered dining-room curtains, the whole business of restoration starts to get serious....
This fresh, funny romance from bestselling novelist Katie Fforde offers charm, wit, and restorative new beginnings for all.

At this point, i cannot read anything heavy like crime, action or anything that requires me to think. So I personally think, this book is a good choice. After reading almost 2 chapters, I think I have made the right choice. Til my next update.

Without wax,
Daisy Allie

Post Holiday, New Read & Ramadhan Kareem..~

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hello dearest blog.

I had been away for five days. Family and i went to Perth for a very short vacation before ramadhan month. The trip was on 26th may until 30th may. It was a splendid holiday that i did not get for years. Though i was not fit enough due to my gastritis, but alhamdulillah Allah had made the whole trip easy and wonderful for me. All praise to the Almighty. I had so much fun although there were I felt ill a bit and tired. But the whole experience was memorable. Thank you mamy for taking me & hubs there. We appreciate the treat. Alhamdulillah. All pictures are uploaded on my FB account.

Anyway, on our last morning there.. We walked at along Murray Street and i failed to stop myself from purchasing a book. I had been telling myself NO for lots of times since day 1. Haha... But the urge was just too strong. And i was happy.. Hahah.. Bought myself A book.. (Yes just one. Hubs would give me a strange look if i more than one).. The title of the book is; Married Lovers by Jackie Collins. The last time i read Ms Collins books were back in 2010. Did not buy any of her's since. Here is the cover of the book along the synopsis as well.

"Three high-powered Hollywood couples, two hot affairs, one underage Russian ex-hooker, a passionate murder—and the players’ lives are changed forever.
Cameron Paradise, a stunningly beautiful twenty-four-year-old personal trainer, flees Hawaii and her champion-surfer husband, Gregg, in the middle of one of his abusive tirades and makes her way to L.A. Tall, blond, with a body to die for, it doesn’t take Cameron long to find a job at an exclusive private fitness club where she encounters LA's most important players. She has plans to open her own studio one day, and while every man she meets comes on to her, she is more focused on saving money and working hard than getting caught up in the L.A. scene of wild parties and recreational drugs.

Until she meets Ryan Lambert, an extremely successful independent movie producer. Ryan is married to overly privileged Mandy Lambert, the daughter of Hamilton J. Heckerling, a Hollywood power-player son-of-a-bitch mogul. Ryan has never cheated on his demanding Hollywood Princess wife, but when he meets Cameron, all bets are off, especially since she’s seeing his best friend Don Verona, the devastatingly attractive talk-show host and legendary player.

In her latest sizzling blockbuster, internationally bestselling author Jackie Collins explores what happens when lust and desire collide with marriage and power—and the results lead to murder."
A very light book and less boring as compared to my previous two books. Look forward to finish this real soon (yes i am practically slow a bit these days because i have journals to read as well).
Last but not least, Selamat menyambut ramadhan everyone. It is currently 11.37am and i am still doing good. Hopefully i can go through today and the rest of the month smoothly, In sya Allah.
Til my next update. I am going back to Melaka tomorrow with uncountable work awaits.
Without wax,

A lot had happened...~

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hello blog..

My last post was dated in 20April2016. I was telling you about my grandmother's condition. Who would ever thought that 3 days later she left us all. 23rd morning, we all went to her house and she was fine. Responded and was completely as usual. Around after Isya' ayah received a call from Angah and she said nenek was terribly sick and so off we went to her place. 5 minutes later, Along text in our group whatsapp and informed us that nenek is gone. I was really sad. I could not stop crying. She was fine.. She was!! And she just left us.. Just like that..Tapi aku redha. Kalau anak-anak dia boleh tenang, kenapa aku yang cucu yang teruk sangat sedih.. It is almost a month now. Tak penah kita lupakan nenek. Semoga Allah rahmati rohnya dan semoga tiada seksa dan azab kubur untuk insan sebaik, setenang, selembut dan sepenyayang nenek.. In Sya Allah...

Next about my condition.Also as mentioned in my previous post, i was not fit to do most of the things. I finally get treatment on 9th may (monday) and i am recovering slowly. Alhamdulillah. Anyway, just a little recap, I was really sick last 2 weeks to the extend i could not drive. Allah sebaik2 perancang. Parents decided to go back to Muar on the 3rd of may and dropped by in Melaka since they knew that i want to drive back to kl on the 4th as my DRP was scheduled to be on the 6th. Allah the Almighty planned things nicely.. Ayah drove us all back to KL. I was so weak to even hold the steering. I was grateful that parents decided to dropped by.

I practically slept the whole day the next day. Did not really prepared myself for DRP. Too weak and too sleepy. I thought it would be better if i just get enough rest so that i won't look terrible during my presentation. Alhamdulillah with the help from Allah, doa and prayers from parents, family and husband, i went through DRP finely. Though i had problem in standing straight but i did it. I passed with minor corrections and need to submit the corrections by 6th of june :)

As for today, may 18th, I am still in the process of recovering. I had been sick for months. I had a gastric. Apparently a bad one. The same one like what my husband experienced 3 years ago. Glad he had experienced it before (a very wrong thing to say), at least he knew what to do and how to do. 

Last update, I finally finished reading that Lion book. I spent a year reading it. Kept on stopping sebab nervous dia bunuh2. But the ending was not as to what i have expected. Asad Khalil was not captured or killed. Bencilah. Now i am wondering what happened to him. So murrent reading is "Being Elizabeth" by Barbara Taylor. I read the sequel last year.. Salah langkah. Patut baca this one first then only read the other one.. Lol.. Here is the cover of the book..~

And the synopsis

The number-one bestselling author delivers her most provocative, sizzling novel yet—a story of money, power, love, and betrayal that only Barbara Taylor Bradford could write.

At age twenty-five, Elizabeth Deravenel finds herself in a position few women her age could image: the head of Deravenels, a business empire that spans the globe. It’s a company whose reach is wide and whose secrets are deep. Deravenels has roots that go far back in her family’s history, and she knows the price that many had to pay to see it reach the success it is today. And Elizabeth is the youngest executive in the company she now leads Surrounded by rumors and disloyalty, she knows that there are many people who would give anything to take down the company—and her with it. With her enemies circling, she finds herself at a crossroad of choices involving her mind, her heart, and her destiny. As scandal surrounds the one man she’s ever loved, Elizabeth discovers how the next move she makes could have deadly and final consequences. Being Elizabeth is Barbara Taylor Bradford at her storytelling best.

“Rife with dastardly internecine struggles, smoldering illicit passion, and cowardly insidious betrayals…packs as much intrigue as any Shakespearean royal drama.”

I read few reviews by others. Majority mentioned that the book is boring and failed to highlight the main issue. Lets hope i wont spend another year reading this thin book. (Lion was very think, ok)

Til my next update.


Hello dearest blog...~

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hey blog..

My grandmother is not doing so well these days. She has been admitted in the general hospital last week and was discharged 2 days ago. While she was in the hospital, she responded well with the treatment. But unfortunately, once she is out and currently is back home.. She is not doing so well. Cousins said she looks pale and tak bermaya. Ayah text me earlier to go and visit her which i already told him that i would. Definitely will visit her later, Insya Allah or tomorrow morning. 

Not that i do not want to go now. But to go there, i myself need to make sure i have no pending work and fit enough to drive. not doing so well these days. Must be the weather and tiredness of driving back-and-forth. I had been travelling for days. Penat badan belum hilang. But i am adjusting now and i know i'll be fine in no time.

Anyway, the date for my DRP has been postponed to next month. Which this give me more time to prepare myself including getting my slides done. Who would ever thought making a presentation slides like this can be tiring. I am making slides day in and day out for my lecture but nothing compare with this. I need to cut here and there as to reduce the number of words and slides but to me everything seems to be valuable and need to be included. So now, i am practically stuck.

That is all about it. Anyway, i think i need to see some eye doctors (opticians) and check my eyes. i think my eyesight has worsen. Pakai spec pun dah macam tak boleh focus apatah lagi kalau tak pakai. Getting older and i think it is about time to change my power. Been using the same power since i was 9. And now i am 31. Imagine that.. 

Just finished my class.. Need to Zohor now.

Til my next update.

Without wax,


Life as of today..~

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hello dearest blog.

You know how life could be very challenging but you still have to endure it and go through it whether you like it or not. The older i get, the tougher life is. But of course in different ways. When i started to write, i faced relationships problems and many dramas took place. Many unwanted events occur either initiated by me or not (which mostly i did not start it thou). Now, i no longer face problems except i am facing challenges in accomplishing my dreams and goals. Busy chasing my goals and at the same time trying to meet everyone's expectations and fulfil my work requirements. Time is really i dont have and i guess that is one of the reasons i keep on feeling nervous and anxious especially after knowing the DRP date is just 2 weeks away. Honestly speaking, i am so worried wondering whether my proposal is fine enough. And if it is fine, i wonder would i be able to manage the stages after that? As i am typing this, i could feel my hearts pounding extremely fast. Nampak sangat aku nervous. That sure either i am nervous for DRP or anxious to continue life after that. Either which, i am so not comfortable with my own feeling.. Who would ever thought, chasing after your dreams would impact you this much.. Hahah... Good thing is, i am happy and enjoying life. The feelings i have now is not new. I had this anxiousness when i was completing my final dissertation during my undergrads and masters. I am sure, i can handle this feeling now too.. PhD... I placed 4 year to complete it. 1 year down, 3 more years to go. I hope i can manage everything. Nevertheless, i must say  Endless supports from parents and Sang Suami really help me much. Thank you for that.. :)

Without wax,


Krabi :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hello blog..

From Feb 21 - 24, i went to Krabi with Sang Suami and his friends (wives). We planned this for quite sometimes. Planned early because we wanted to the date (ala ala save the date gichu). Anyway, the trip went well. Everyone did enjoy themselves. A budget vacay yet memorable. Here are some of our pictures (more of me and Sang Suami).. More pictures were uploaded on my fb account :)

Thank you so much Sang Suami. I enjoyed this trip very much. Hope we could travel to other places that is more adventurous. Love you to the moon and back :)

Without wax,


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hello dear blog..~

Many many years ago, when social network was still an alien to many of us (including myself), blogging was a hit. Almost everyone had an account and people will post an entry a day. Talking about crap, about what they had been up to, about their social lives and relationships too. I was indeed one of them. Back in 2008 when i still refused to sign up for a facebook account, blogging was actually part of my life. Even if i didn't post anything, i would still do blog walking. Go one blog after another just bt clicking the "next" button or be a silent big fan to certain blogs, in other word "stalker". Lol.

But look at me now. I don't post much and even if i do, the entries are meaningless and as if i am repeating myself. Not like i do not enjoy myself because i have been to many places which i think i should share with people but somehow, i feel writing long personal essays is not me anymore. Or perhaps, i have been spending too much time on the computer doing my office work and papers til, posting on blogs is not a priority anymore.

I can't really say that i have shifted to facebook or instagram. Though i do post pictures (continuously) but i do not really explain things in detail like what i did in the past on my blog. Though people say "a picture worth a thousand words" but believe me, those are just meaningless words. You can't really expect people to understand things the way you want them to. At this point, i really can't state what i have in mind. See how sucks my writing these days?

Well, anyhow.. I really think i should get my hands on blogging again. Blogging helps me actually. To nag, to rampant, merempan without hurting anyone (directly). Because usually, after i posted any angry post i would feel much better. Macam dah lepas marah w/o yelling at anyone's face. So yeah.. I should blog again.

I will start posting again real soon. About food. About places i have been to. About books. About my trips and holidays. Semoga aku istiqomah..~

Til my next post. I hope it will be next week after i am back from Krabi ☺

Without wax,

This little feeling..~

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hello dearest blog..

Have you ever feeling so anxious and nervous as if like your time is very limited and you still have many things to do? Or nervous like you know you will be getting something big at the end of the month and so you just can't wait? And you really want the whole world to know but at the same time you think they should not just yet? Oh seriously.. That is exactly what i am feeling right now.

I have this proposal that I promise myself that I will get it done by 5th February but of course I failed. I had too many things going on and sometimes things i searched for were just hard to be found. And of course, I spent uncountable time playing games and gardening. Haha.. Guilty and yes gardening (clear my tiny land) is actually my current hobby. Or perhaps, that so called gardening is actually a calming activity or process after  long day at work.

Next, if last year I was anxious in getting my house key, this year I am anxious over something similar. According to him, I'll be getting it by at the end of this month but I am not putting a high hope. Because of that, I refuse to share the news with others yet. I just need to wait for it to actually be mine before I break the news.

Speaking about the two things above.. Have you ever had friends that they easily get what they want? I mean, things are always easy for them. Financially, study, life flow, work or anything else. But lets just focus on dollar and cents because normally when you have those, things will eventually be easier for you. I actually have friends that you can see they always wander around. As in travel around. Then, purchasing all those discretionary items like nobody's business. Who would not feel envy of that? I would.. 

I work my butts off to have I have now (which obviously not even close to what they have), but some people can easily make claims that I had an easy ride. Well perhaps my overly lucky friends did work hard as well, but even they did... They came from extraordinary rich families. They practically born in silver spoon. Back to my story.. I worked really hard. Not as in work extra hours to get extra pay.. Because I work like 16 hours a day and for the past 4 years, I still receive the same amount of salary except for the annual increment. Anyhow, I worked hard by watch my expenses and spending behaviour. I try not to pamper myself although I know I am capable in doing it.

But, I chose not to overspend. So I can have extra saves and so I can use the money for something more important. Like buy things for my home last year in cash, take my parents on holiday, at least one abroad trip a year with hubsy and able to pay any adhoc/sudden commitment like kereta rosak and such.. People did not see how much I stop myself. But they only see how much I spend and start to speculate things. The little conversation they have is really disturbing. Wonder how can they have so much time to gossip when I practically bersilat trying to finish things in time.

So, I would conclude my post today by saying I feel nervous and not wanting to share because a I think it is not the right time yet but when people see what I have, the talking begins as they only talk about what they think they know but not what is the truth, the pain behind the glory and achievement.

Til my next post



I need ME time..~

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello dearest blog.

My second entry for 2016 is all about how much i need me time. Not only i need the time to myself, i need my own space as well. If you could ever recall, i have posted something similar months ago. I have mentioned something like i need a very comfortable place so i can stay put, focus and might able to get things done as i scheduled. 

I have prepared my own timetable. But unfortunately, i cannot accomplish what i have planned. Such a sad case, right? Sharing a room with 7 will not make me able doing what i want. With 5 love to shout here and there. With endless singing (out of tune.. If you know what i mean). I really wonder why is it so hard for people to communicate softly or in a nice tone among them? Shouting is not helping. Everyone is practically sitting 2 meters away form each other. If you think that shouting would release your stress, you are so childish and selfish.

How i wish i can simply tell them to learn to respect others. What do they expect? Us the remaining three to walk out from the room if we ever need to do our thingy? GOD have mercy. tabahkan hati aku. kuatkan sabar aku.

Awal tahun dah emosi.. LoL~

Without wax,

Daisy Ally

January 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


January.. Marks 16 years of this beautiful pain. Not many people know about what i am currently going through and even if have told them, i never think they would ever take it seriously. Perhaps they judge me base on how i live my life. Kind of active. Do things normally but they never knew the pain that i have to endure. It is painful but i don't think by whining all about it all the time would ever remove the pain.

Meminta - minta dariNYA untuk diriku kembali sihat dan hidup seperti orang lain seperti aku tidak bersyukur kerana masih bernafas. Tapi, kesihatan yang baik ini sangat penting buat aku untuk membolehkan aku jalani kehidupan seorang diri jauh dari keluarga. Semoga DIA mendengar rintihan aku. Takkan putus aku berdoa padaNya kerana pada siapa lagi aku nak bergantung.