I need ME time..~

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello dearest blog.

My second entry for 2016 is all about how much i need me time. Not only i need the time to myself, i need my own space as well. If you could ever recall, i have posted something similar months ago. I have mentioned something like i need a very comfortable place so i can stay put, focus and might able to get things done as i scheduled. 

I have prepared my own timetable. But unfortunately, i cannot accomplish what i have planned. Such a sad case, right? Sharing a room with 7 will not make me able doing what i want. With 5 love to shout here and there. With endless singing (out of tune.. If you know what i mean). I really wonder why is it so hard for people to communicate softly or in a nice tone among them? Shouting is not helping. Everyone is practically sitting 2 meters away form each other. If you think that shouting would release your stress, you are so childish and selfish.

How i wish i can simply tell them to learn to respect others. What do they expect? Us the remaining three to walk out from the room if we ever need to do our thingy? GOD have mercy. tabahkan hati aku. kuatkan sabar aku.

Awal tahun dah emosi.. LoL~

Without wax,

Daisy Ally

January 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


January.. Marks 16 years of this beautiful pain. Not many people know about what i am currently going through and even if have told them, i never think they would ever take it seriously. Perhaps they judge me base on how i live my life. Kind of active. Do things normally but they never knew the pain that i have to endure. It is painful but i don't think by whining all about it all the time would ever remove the pain.

Meminta - minta dariNYA untuk diriku kembali sihat dan hidup seperti orang lain seperti aku tidak bersyukur kerana masih bernafas. Tapi, kesihatan yang baik ini sangat penting buat aku untuk membolehkan aku jalani kehidupan seorang diri jauh dari keluarga. Semoga DIA mendengar rintihan aku. Takkan putus aku berdoa padaNya kerana pada siapa lagi aku nak bergantung.