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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hey blog..

My grandmother is not doing so well these days. She has been admitted in the general hospital last week and was discharged 2 days ago. While she was in the hospital, she responded well with the treatment. But unfortunately, once she is out and currently is back home.. She is not doing so well. Cousins said she looks pale and tak bermaya. Ayah text me earlier to go and visit her which i already told him that i would. Definitely will visit her later, Insya Allah or tomorrow morning. 

Not that i do not want to go now. But to go there, i myself need to make sure i have no pending work and fit enough to drive. not doing so well these days. Must be the weather and tiredness of driving back-and-forth. I had been travelling for days. Penat badan belum hilang. But i am adjusting now and i know i'll be fine in no time.

Anyway, the date for my DRP has been postponed to next month. Which this give me more time to prepare myself including getting my slides done. Who would ever thought making a presentation slides like this can be tiring. I am making slides day in and day out for my lecture but nothing compare with this. I need to cut here and there as to reduce the number of words and slides but to me everything seems to be valuable and need to be included. So now, i am practically stuck.

That is all about it. Anyway, i think i need to see some eye doctors (opticians) and check my eyes. i think my eyesight has worsen. Pakai spec pun dah macam tak boleh focus apatah lagi kalau tak pakai. Getting older and i think it is about time to change my power. Been using the same power since i was 9. And now i am 31. Imagine that.. 

Just finished my class.. Need to Zohor now.

Til my next update.

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Life as of today..~

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hello dearest blog.

You know how life could be very challenging but you still have to endure it and go through it whether you like it or not. The older i get, the tougher life is. But of course in different ways. When i started to write, i faced relationships problems and many dramas took place. Many unwanted events occur either initiated by me or not (which mostly i did not start it thou). Now, i no longer face problems except i am facing challenges in accomplishing my dreams and goals. Busy chasing my goals and at the same time trying to meet everyone's expectations and fulfil my work requirements. Time is really i dont have and i guess that is one of the reasons i keep on feeling nervous and anxious especially after knowing the DRP date is just 2 weeks away. Honestly speaking, i am so worried wondering whether my proposal is fine enough. And if it is fine, i wonder would i be able to manage the stages after that? As i am typing this, i could feel my hearts pounding extremely fast. Nampak sangat aku nervous. That sure either i am nervous for DRP or anxious to continue life after that. Either which, i am so not comfortable with my own feeling.. Who would ever thought, chasing after your dreams would impact you this much.. Hahah... Good thing is, i am happy and enjoying life. The feelings i have now is not new. I had this anxiousness when i was completing my final dissertation during my undergrads and masters. I am sure, i can handle this feeling now too.. PhD... I placed 4 year to complete it. 1 year down, 3 more years to go. I hope i can manage everything. Nevertheless, i must say  Endless supports from parents and Sang Suami really help me much. Thank you for that.. :)

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