Socialising Is So Not Me..~

Monday, September 19, 2016

Making new friends is not my forte.. Walking around and act friendly is just so not me. But to survive, that's exactly what you need to do.. Or else, you will be stuck behind your desk entire time..

And so, for the past few weeks i tried to be occupied by tagging my friends for lunch nor tea. It was fun and fine.. Killing some time and straighten your legs and arms.. But at the end, I still feel completely alone inside. Perhaps I am not "there" when I am with them.. Do not know exactly how to feel but I sincerely not good in mingling.. 

Not them.. Completely me.. We are not always on the same page.. Practically not having the same interest. Could not really catch up with their issues. No matter how much I try..

Not that I don't understand all.. Just most of the time.. We are not on the same page.. Perhaps because i have different goals and needs.. Perhaps I keep on thinking moving back to KL which that kind of makes my heart is not here. Entahlah.. I find socialising is difficult as you grow older.. Having fewer friends day by day.. LOL..~

Til my next update..

Study Leave or No..?~

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hello dearest blog.

Have u ever felt like u wish u know something ahead so u can get yourself prepared but unfortunately life always want to surprise you? U always wish that you could have a stable life as in mentally and physically but hey it seems so impossible because you are the youngest one. And being young means you are always free to be bullied. Being tough and firm won't guarantee you a safe spot. No matter how good you are, but if you know nothing about kissing people's ass, you are not going anywhere. Sad but true. Since i am too tired to watch all the drama and clean other people's mess, i decided to take my study leave. Finally. After 3 months of contemplating.. After 3 months of thinking the pros and cons, so yeah... Taking leave is exactly what i need.

Hopefully the application goes smoothly. Once i come back from the leave, I really hope i could be transferred to shah alam. Believe it or not, i have started in searching for houses to purchase back in klang valley. I would not mind to let my current 1 year old home go. Living in melaka is something i look forward to. But experiencing the drama is just not worth it.

Til my next update.


Movies Catching Up..~

Monday, September 5, 2016

For the past 3 weeks, i had been spending my time to catch up with some movies. Both in theatre and dvds at home. Boy, never felt this good for quite some times. Relax without doing anything. So yesterday was the last day, i guess. Starting new semester today and i could my works all piling up.. Like magic. One day u had nothing to do, and today... Poofff... Tadaaaa...

Here are the movies i watched;

The Rock never fail to disappoint me in this Central Intelligence. The movie was hilarious and he was great in the movie. I have always like him since he was in the wrestling entertainment. Well i hope, he will star in many more movies. In whatever genre.. He is good. 

Next was Skiptrace by none others, our KungFu hero, Mr Jackie Chan. Personally i think Mr Chan was trying way too hard. A movie is all about drama although it has a genre. Yet again, right from start til the end, the movie was full with fighting. I think, he was trying to tell the world that he is still fit for the martial arts. Which i don't think he needs to. At the end, i did not enjoy the movie. It was plain dull.

Third movie it was Suicide Squad. It was the longest hours and minutes that i had to spend in the cineplex. It was boring and i practically did not understand the whole reason of filming this movie. At first i thought, the first 30 minutes was the boring part and it will get better after it but clearly i was wrong. Cry. I am the type that will never read any synopsis or reviews before watching any movie. For the first time ever, I regret that i did not.

Three days after Suicide Squad, my friends and i watched this Bad Moms. Love this movie. It entertained me all the way. I am glad that i watched this in the theatre. I laughed out loud like nobody was there. Hilarious and fun. Yet again, it did deliver message. Some may say, it is just another ordinary movie. But what's the point of having too many actions, fights and cgi but viewers did not understand a thing? So yeah, i love this and i actually watched this twice.

When i watched the movies mentioned earlier, the cinema showed us the trailer of this Nine Lives. From the trailer i think this movie would be another one that will make me laugh but sadly, it did not. The cat was cute, of course. but i just could not find this movie fun. I love kids moves, really do, but somehow this one just did not catch my attention. Sorry Tim Allen.

Last movie watched in theatre was this The Mechanic. Remember i never wan to read the synopsis and revew before watching anything? But after Suicide Squad and SkipTrace, i told myself i need to read the reviews, at least. To get myself prepared. So, majority rated this movie with 5/10. Knowing that, i placed my expectation low and guess what, i felt fine after watching it. The whole story was ok. Although i don't understand why on earth the malaysian sounded like indonesians..? The director need to be careful after this. It is either the production was under budget or the director failed to conduct thorough homework.

I watched 2 dvds which were;

I clearly have a high expectation for this movie as the promotion was really aggressive and extravagant. Unfortunately, i fell asleep i think about 28 minutes after the movie started. Sorry Ghostbusters, i do not like the movie at all. Glad i watched this at home. A rm5 dvd. 

I wanted to watch this Me Before You in cinema but i was busy over work and other matters. I did not even have the time to purchase the dvd. When i finally had time, the dvd was already out of stock. Lucky me, my friend lend me this and so, i watched this yesterday. Boy, i love it. I teared a bit. Hahah.. Worth my time and thanx to this movie, my sunday afternoon was well spent. 

There.. All 8 recent movies in 3 weeks. I watched uncountable numbers of movies. Thanks to the free movie channels astro gave us. LOL. Anyhow, I still have many others to watch but i doubt that i have the time to spare. Maybe some other time.

Til my next post. 

ps: First day of the semester.. Good luck to myself. I sincerely hope i am in better shape.