A Very Emotional Lady Here..~

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hey there blog.

You know, sometimes i just have no other better things to do although i have tonnes of pending works. Been spending my days watching Pearl Habor to the extend husband said this to me, "dah tak ada cerita lain ke?". No matter how many times, i still cry when Danny dies. Hahah.. 

Speaking of crying watching tv show.. I am sure many already know about the thing that went viral this past 2 weeks. About a character named BUNTAT that died on Mia's lap. My oh my, of course i was one of the million audience that cried. Seriously, kau hati batu kalau tak nangis wehy.. 

Aku baca buku cerita pun boleh nanges wehy, apatah lagi tengok drama.. So emotional :')

My Recent Readings..~

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Assalammualaikum wbt.

Hello dearest blog. Lots had taken place but i think i am still doing ok. I have been travelling up and down fulfilling my work/study related tasks and family responsibility til to an extend i think i almost give up. Give up because i felt tired. I wonder why i want to be a wonder woman and do all the things that i might incapable of doing. 

All this hassles and routines had made me to kind of be in my world again. You know the old me. The old world. Spend more time with my own self. Mumbling and rambling alone to let all this sadness and frustrations go and last but not least... To start reading again. At least i could be in other world apart my reality. Seriously, if anyone ask me what is exactly my problem is.. I honestly do not know. I think others have multiple bigger problems than mine but they are doing so well. 

I keep on telling myself that ALLAH is there. And i should be thankful that whatever i am facing now is not related with others. No one cause any of this to me. It is just me trying to be a wonder woman and apparently of course i am no where close to it.

Anyhow, i finished my first ever book by Diane Chamberlain and i love it. True what other have commented about it.They said, "If you are a fan of Jodi Piccoult, you definitely going to like Diane's works". So yes, i like it and i am reading my second book. I believe she has tones other but as to date, i only have two her books. Will find some more after i finish my other 20 books (guilty).

I read The Bay at Midnight first and i like it and here is the synopsis of this book

Her family's cottage on the New Jersey shore was a place of freedom and innocence for Julie Bauer -- until tragedy struck when her seventeen-year-old sister, Isabel, was murdered.

It's been more than forty years since that August night, but Julie's memories of her sister's death still color her world, causing turmoil in her relationships with her teenage daughter, Shannon, and her mother, Maria.

Now an unexpected letter from someone in her past raises questions about what really happened that night. Questions about Julie's own complicity, about a devastating secret her mother kept from them all. Questions about the person who went to prison for Izzy's murder -- and about the man who didn't.

Now Julie must harness the courage to revisit her past and untangle the shattering emotions that led to one unspeakable act of violence on the bay at midnight.

Second and current reading is, Before the Storm

Others notice the way he blurts out anything that comes into his mind, how he cannot foresee consequences, that he's more child than teenager. But his mother sees a boy with a heart as open and wide as the ocean.
Laurel Lockwood lost her son once through neglect. She's spent the rest of her life determined to make up for her mistakes, and she's succeeded in becoming a committed, protective parent—maybe even overprotective. Still, she loosens her grip just enough to let Andy attend a local church social—a decision that terrifies her when the church is consumed by fire. But Andy survives…and remarkably, saves other children from the flames. Laurel watches as Andy basks in the role of unlikely hero and the world finally sees her Andy, the sweet boy she knows as well as her own heart.
But when the suspicion of arson is cast upon Andy, Laurel must ask herself how well she really knows her son…and how far she'll go to keep her promise to protect him forever.
I like what i read and i look forward to finish my current book and the 20 others so i can find the remaining books from this author. I wish and hope that everyone would like to read. Does not matter what materials, as long you grab something to read. But if the materials are academical and something that help you to boost your general knowledge, that would be better.

Til my next update.