Alor Setar & Penang Food Hunting Trip..~

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2nd post for today..

Been so long since i last blogged about my trip to anywhere, Since i need me time for a bit, i am gonna blog about what i did last week with parents and husband. The husband is clearing his leaves before he starts at his new place tomorrow. Me on the other hand, as usual. Can only take leaves when students are gone for semester break. Hence, we decided to have a trip to Alor Setar and Penang for some food hunting. 

We left KL on Wednesday morning around 8.30am. I was behind the wheel until we reached RTC for toilet stop and breakfast. Then hubs continue the whole journey. Here are some of the food that we managed to enjoy while we were in Alor Setar. We were there for only 20hours. So not much that we could try. Hope, we could repeat Alor Setar again very soon.

 1, Mee Kuah at the stadium. Been told to try roti jala there too, but had no time as we were rushing to our next location.

 2. This Caramel Cheesecake was actually so freaking nice but had to stop eating or else tummy would not have enough space for my noodle. Had this cake and noodle (below) at Le Medina Cafe.

 3. Mee Tulang Rusuk. Had this at the very same cafe where i had the cake. This noodle was the very first Mee Rebus i tried in my entire life. I meant, i tried mee rebus before but not the one i ordered myself. My review is, the noodle tasted good but ayah said it was about too sweet for a main course. But i liked the noodle though.

 4. Nasi Lemak Royale Hijau Kuning was what we had for dinner in Alor Setar. The yellow rice was fine but a bit sticky. The curry and spices was fine to me but husband said, it did not match with his taste. He curry and gravy tasted like he just ate sauces instead of curry. 

 5. Parents and husband had this for breakfast; Roti Dholl at Restoran Mikamal. It is actually a roti canai banjir with bull's eye. Roti canai tasted normally but the curry was delicious. The dhal and sambal ok too.

 6. I had this instead; Tosei Masala. Another famous dish here in Mikamal. Was not so bad and recommended to others. A normal tosei with dhal and potato inside it. Have it a try.

Right after breakfast, we went back to our hotel for packing and headed to our next location. And that would be the Island of Pearl :) Before we reached the island itself, we had our lunch first at Sungai Dua and we chose Aur Gading Restaurant to have our meals.

 7. Parents had this Mee Udang. It was good and kind of worth it. 

 8. I had this marvelous Char Kuew Teow. Although the look is not presentable but the taste was good and that is the most important thing.

 9. Wish i could rotate this picture but i cannot. This was what husband had for his lunch. He never fancy mee kuning but on that day, he decided to have it. And the fried noodle did not fail him.

 10. As for tea, ayah had this kerang rebus at Padang Kota food court. Not my favourite palce for meals but it was raining and so we were out of options.

 11. Mamy had this Laksa Penang, also in Padang Kota. She said the laksa was yummy and i had to agree with her. I am not a laksa penang eater because i hate the taste, but this one was good. Can't specifically point out which stall, i forgot to ask the name but definitely know which one if i ever set my foot there again.

 12. As for me and husband, we had this pasembur at Padang Kota. Not good obviously. We love the other one right in the city centre. But as i mentioned earlier, it was raining so we just had to embrace this one. Finished it off with mamy's help of course.

13. For dinner, husband and ayah had this yummy soup. Ayah; sup daging & urat and husband had sup ayam. Had this one at Sup Hameed.

That was all. I still have many other food to try. I surely hope I could set my foot again in Penang. But of course, not anytime soon. If you could see, there is no nasi kandar. Simply because i was in Penang last October and many other times before that. So my tummy just have no more space for nasi kandar and i just had enough of it. We have tried all famous nasi kandar except for the one in Kampung Melayu. Out of all, both husband and i prefer Nasi Kandar Deen at Jelutong although people may say Deen Maju is better, or Line Clear, or Beratur and others. If you are looking for nasi biryani, Hameediyah is the best. Anyhow, people from Klang Valley do not have to travel that far to enjoy nasi kandar and nasi biryani. We have Hameediyah and Kapitan here as well. Just google it, ok?

Til my next post.


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