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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The synopsis

In a world still uneasy after the financial turmoil of 2008, Justin Cartwright puts a human face on the dishonesties and misdeeds of the bankers who imperiled us. Tubal and Co. is a small, privately owned bank in England. As the company's longtime leader, Sir Harry Tubal, slips into senility, his son Julian takes over the reins-and not all is well. The company's hedge fund now owns innumerable toxic assets, and Julian fears what will happen when their real value is discovered.

Artair Macleod, an actor manager whose ex-wife, Fleur, was all but stolen by Sir Harry, discovers that his company's monthly grant has not been paid by Tubal. Getting no answers from Julian, he goes to the local press, and an eager young reporter begins asking questions. Bit by bit, the reporter discovers that the grant money is in fact a payoff from Fleur, written off by the bank as a charitable donation, and a scandal breaks. Julian's temperament and judgment prove a bad fit for the economic forces of the era, and the family business plunges into chaos as he tries to hide the losses and massage the balance sheet.

A story both cautionary and uncomfortably familiar, Other People's Money is not a polemic but a tale of morality and hubris, with the Tubal family ultimately left searching only for closure. Bold, humane, urbane, full of rich characters, and effortlessly convincing, this is a novel that reminds us who we are and how we got ourselves here.

The above is my current reading. To be honest, I have been reading this book for at least 2 months. With only 258 pages, I would say all of sudden I am a slow reader. The content is actually nice but just the way it is written is not the way I like. I still have 50 more pages to finish but oh my god, it/s like impossible for me to finish it within hours. But, if you ask me... Does this book worth your time? I would say, NO. The story is plain and it does not "bring" you anywhere. So, please do not start reading it especially if you have my kind of OCD. Finish what I have started. Selagi tak habis, I ain't going to read another new book. So, be wise. Unless you are the kind that will enjoy everything and anything.

Next, I have been spending days for two weeks of watching the series of Once Upon A Time. Stopped at season 2 many years ago and started to continue with season 3 and just finished my season 5 earlier. Now, enjoying my Season 6 Episode 2 (while typing this of course).

At the same time, I should start typing my questions on google doc and get people to answer them quickly. I need all the patience I could. May Allah ease my journey.

Til my next update.


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