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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Do you know how sometimes all you want to do is just being nice which means you are treating others nicely. You have no other intention. Except for trying to build good networking with others. Ecause in your career, networking is really huge and is really needed to push you forward. But sometimes, your kindness is maybe be mistaken to something else. Without you know it, you have gone too far and kind of afraid to undo what is done because again, you are trying to be nice. Do not have the heart to spoil other people's mood. All you can do now is just to keep remind the other partyof who she/he is and stand still with your principles. I wonder why do i always get myself into this situation..One after another.. Well at least, present scenario is not as bad as what i faced years ago. I guess the people around me today are very much matured and so i think they would not dare to act what they are not supposed to. Respect is the key word, i think.. I would say that they respect who am i and my status. Never the less, this whole thing me being nice should stop.

That's one thing. Remember Ajie? Yes we are still in touched. Although we speak once in a blue moon but at least we do not lose each other. Friends remain as long as we know who we are. We do not see any problem of us being friends although we had history together. Ended tragically. We talked about it from time to time. And laughed about it. Percaya jodoh bukan milik kita. But i am so happy with my decision. I had to choose a man out of four and i def made the right choice. A very understanding and supportive spouse. What else could i ask for?

About dearest bestie. He faces one problem after another. Not entirely his problem but being the eldest in the family, of course he has to face them all. I feel pity for him but there is nothing i could do to help or to comfort selain, "sabar babe". I pray that his business will succeed. He invested a handsome amount of cash, spent all his time and energy in making sure things happen the way he wishes it could. Semoga tak ada apa2 lagi masalah yang timpa dia. A good guy should have a great life.

Last but not least.. My phd journey. I am halfway done. I should now start collecting my data. I am using google doc/form to facilitate me. Cost effective and perhaps reauire lesser time to obtain the data. However, the key-in part would be a huge problem. Another problem that i will encounter is, i learnt how to analyse using AMOS but last month my SV told me to change to PLS and i have zero knowledge about PLS. I seriously need to attend whatever classes that available and dying need helps from my co Dr Nora (my sweet kak nora) and doc to be Man. This two fellas are going to be chased by me day in and day out 🤣🤣 Semoga mereka tabah ajar budak yg slow conputer ni.

Til my next post. Good night fellas ❤️

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