Friday, March 3, 2017

Waiting is something that not anyone would love to do. You have done everything you could and now you just have to wait for other people to decide. Decide things that related to your future. I am waiting for two results. One that i submitted to HQ last December and after nearly three months, still no news. All these bureaucracy is kind of a huge barrier which i really hope the management can lessen it a bit. We all need some news, it does not matter whether a good or a bad one. Just news, at least we could know where do we stand and start to plane for our next step. Alas, of course it ain't happening. 
Second result, is thing that i just submitted two weeks ago. Somewhere in March will only they bring the matter in the meeting and discuss it here before they bring the matter to HQ. Once it reaches HQ, the real wait starts. Only god knows how much longer i have to wait. But hey, that is how they do things here in Malaysia. Discuss again and again over the same thing. At times, they have made the decision even before the meetings take place. But at least, that was just one of the rumours.

As for now... Lets just continue to wait and pray to Almighty for rezeki yang barakah.

Til my next post..


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