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Monday, May 15, 2017

Hello dearest blog.

I miss you. I had been busy and to be exact, I still am. Lot had happened lately, both good and sad things. Fortunately, only great things happened to me although ayah was sick end of march but alhamdulillah, he recovered in no time. Alas, abah is not doing so good now. But nothing i can do to help except only being understanding to my husband. He needs all the motivation and good words from me. 

Even though i had been very busy, i try to spare my times to read my books or journals or anything. Hence, my current reading is Bondage of Love by Catherine Cookson. Just finished 4 chapters although i have started reading it for over a month now. Nampak sangat buku ni is not my cup of tea. Boring and a bit slow, i think.. ~

Here is the synopsis; Only after returning from his well-attended funeral did Fiona Bailey realise just how much she would miss Davey Love. Despite her initial doubts and prejudices about this rough-hewn Irishman, towards the end of his life she had discovered qualities about him she had previously overlooked; and that she could talk to him and appreciate his considerable wit. Above all, though, it was his inherent kindness that she had failed to discern when she and her husband had first met Davey and his wayward son Sammy.

The Baileys, Bill and Fiona, lived in the Tyneside town of Fellburn where Bill was a successful building contractor. Years before he had met and married Fiona, a young widow with her own lovable family, to which they had shortly added by adoption the orphaned Mamie. Then, when one of Fiona's children, Willie, acquired a new friend, Sammy, it was he and his father Davey who, by one means or another, were able to make a special contribution to the lives and fortunes of the Bailey family.

Now with Davey gone, there would be new challenges to face. It had been agreed that Sammy would live with them but would this formidable lad with his colourful language fit in as a fully-fledged member of the Bailey family? As for Fiona, it was she who bore the brunt of the arguments and disagreements that were an inevitable part of life in the Bailey household. Whatever life had in store, however, she knew she could always rely on Bill, that rock of a man with a rough tongue but a heart of gold.

The synopsis looks and sounds fine but i do not know why i am not enjoying it. Even i do not like it much, i would still finish reading the book. No matter what. Never leave anything unfinished.


I would be starting my study leave real soon. On June1 2017. Just cannot wait for it. As a bonus, i can start my ramadhan with my family in KL. I am just happy that i can finally spend more time with family and parents. Even i am on leave, I won't be spending the whole month of ramadhan in KL. Perlu juga stay here in melaka as my home, my house is here. 

There, little updates.. On top of everything.. I am worried about my study and i really hope that i can things done within a year..

Til my next update..


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