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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hey there blog.

Today mark the 18th day of Ramadhan. How fast time flies. That means today is my 18th day of not working yet many still undone. I have so many things to do but unfortunately things gor very messy and hey i am a bit slow when it comes to stats and numbers. I have no problem with maths, accounts or economy. But just stats. Calculating figures is my forte but interpreting something is just not my thing. But good thing is, i have friends who are willing to help or at least listen to my ramblings :')

What else? A close friend of mine is getting married real soon. So everyone is busy dieting and trying to lose weight and ramadhan is helping them. Unfortunately for me. Wonder why ramadhan never really helps me. Instead of losing weight, i would either gain some or remain the same. Sucks considering i don't eat much like others which that is not something new. Haha.. Metabolism i think.. I have huge problem on it i guess.. Some can easily lose 5kgs within the first 7 days of fasting.. Me?? Nala... :'(

Aside friend, cousin is also getting married. 23rd of july to be exact. And 6th will be on his side, in tmn melawati. I still have not give a thought of what to give him. Either i am giving him some cash or something simple yet practical.. 

At the end of August, me and family is flying off to Melbourne. Merdeka and AidilAdha will be celebrated there. Something rare i think but that is the only time as less cuti they need to apply. On top, BIL is moving to Bangkok right after that.. Sister and kids are following him early of next year. He talked to his boss to change from Japan to Bangkok as it is nearer.. With that, i have place to crash if i ever intend to visit Bangkok. 

Not to mention, Arel and I are be going to Phuket this coming November. I have a day of conference and we take extra 2 days for sightseeing. A trip just for the two of us. Been awhile. We need "we" time. Lama tak travel berdua. I miss that. Hoping things will be smooth for both of us... InsyaAllah..

There.. My updates.. Til my next post..


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