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Monday, July 3, 2017

Hey there dear blog.

Today is the ninth day of Raya and it is about time for me to get real serious and ugly in doing my work. I probably put a full stop on all these food fiesta and festivals. Too much calorie not only its fattening but it is also makes me feel so lazy to get my ass up. I am typing this as a warm up session before i actually start typing for my real work. Although i am unsure when though. Good thing, i have read halfway and still searching for more input on getting its done.

Currently, I think i should start on reporting my pre-test result and start updating my LR and a bit on Problem Statement. Found some latest literature and also new paper cutting in regards to mobile purchasing and such. It prolly do good. In between getting both problem and LR ready, i definitely going start reporting why i opted for PLS while hoping i could get respondents nearly 250. Then i could start key-in the data and start to analyse and interpret.

Boy, things look so smooth on papers (plan) but to actually conduct it? not that easy. I need to really explain the relationships of each variable in detail and hoping not to miss anything.

3rd day of july. I am in my second month of break. I should not waste any more time. Time is so precious considering i will be attending weddings on three weekends, melbourne on one weekend and phuket for a week. So i conclude, i don't have much time to waste. I should prolly stop typing and start on my work now.

Also, i should start planning my daily routine. Like house chores, park/gym and actually go to the office to do my work comfortably because work from home is just too comfortable for me and that is just dangerous for me.

All i hope for july is to treat me nice. Nice means, i am in good shape, healthy, tak malas, have divided my time appropriately. With that, i end my post now.

Without wax,

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