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Monday, August 14, 2017

Hello dearest blog (Going to be a long entry)

For two weekends, i received guests who came over to visit me and to enjoy meals in Melaka. On August 4th, Nena & Ira came over to Melaka for a short weekend getaway. I wished i was here the entire weekend to serve them but i had other commitments as my cousin was getting married on the 6th so i had to be in kl on the 5th and 6th. 

Nena & Ira came over to my place for lunch. During eid, i was at Nena's and she told she never tasted any of my cookings. I told her, if she wants it, she has to come over to Melaka. Challenge accepted and she was actually here and requested for my famous Chicken Asam Pedas. Little did i know that Chicken Asam Pedas is her favourite and i was glad both of them loved my Asam Pedas. Alhamdulillah.

We chatted for about 4 hours before i left for KL and they went back to their hotel for rest. But before that, i gave them lists of places to crash for meals. Mana yang sempat jela yang diaorang boleh singgah. Viewed their Instagram account once i reached kl and boom... They actually go to the places i suggested and they loved them all. In fact, they said they would want to come here again as there were still plenty of food that they have missed during this trip.


Right after cousin's wedding, i was down with fever, flu, cough, sore throat. And apparently, i had tonsillitis. That was my very first experience of tonsillitis. Wow, sakitnya kemain. Patutlah ramai kata sakit yang amat. Anyhow, the newly wed and his parents told me that the would want to visit me in Melaka if i am back. Dengarya khabar tu, i decided to to drive myself back to Melaka on Thursday just because i really wanted them to crash.

Kuih Keria Antarabangsa

They reached my place around 6pm. I served them Kuih Keria Antarabangsa because i just thought most people who come to Melaka semuanya nak rasa kuih tu. Kedai tu hanya famous after Hanis Zalikha posted it. Surprisingly ramai pula nak try kuih tu. As for us orang Melaka, it was nothing. Of course memang lembut and all. Tapi, kuih keria is just another kuih keria. Anyhow, they rested for awhile before i took them out for dinner at one of my favourite places; Casa Lagenda. And they loved what ever they have ordered. After dinner, we drove around to see Melaka at night and took a cruise ride. Cousin's wife enjoyed it. Hehe..

Casa Lagenda

Melaka River Cruise

The night rained very heavily. So we started the next day quite late. Intended to have breakfast at Hjh Rubiah's but surprisingly most of the food are finished even it was only 9am. Normally, datang pukul 11am pun, ada lagi. Maybe sebab hujan kot, ramai pergi breakfast kedai dekat dengan rumah saje. 

Kayu Arang Roti Canai

Rashid Corner

Since tak ada rezeki, i thought of taking them to Kayu Arang, tapi satu jalan was jammed and nak ikut jalan lain but missed the exit. So, i took them to Rashid Corner instead. Told them they have good lontong and kari kambing. So those were the one they ordered and good thing was, the food met with their taste bud. 

Menara Taming Sari

After breakfast, ayahsu said he waned to see the Menara Taming Sari and guess what, we actually bought the tickets and that was the first time for me, cousin and his wife experience. Apparently, ayahsu & ucu already be on it before with ayah & mamy :). He wanted to take me there because i have never been there.. Thank you ayahsu & ucu.

Big Bowl Ice

Ayahsu told me that he wanted to have cendol pulut durian. I promised to buy him one. Tapi, nak parking kat San Shu Gong was hard. Hence, instead of taking them to San Shu Gong, we went to Big Bowl Ice. Ayahsu & ucu ordered Royal duria snow ice with durian and ice cream, aie & aida ordered Durian show ice with mango and ice cream, while me; Chocolate chow ice with oreo powder. They loved what they have ordered. Good!! :')

Row Six Restaurant

Pak Putra Restaurant

We skipped lunch and had an early dinner at 6pm. I took them to Rowsix. Apparently they have never tried Vietnamese Coffee before and Aie decided to try one. Long story shorten, they loved everything that was served on the table. As for supper, Arel & i took Aie & Aida for Naan & Tandoori at Pak Putra. Another most eat menu if you are ever in Melaka and to play like a local. Thumbs up.

Last meal, breakfast. It was raining so Arel & 1 went to Hjh Rubiah and bought breakfast back. 30 sticks of satay, 3 roti telur, 2 roti canai (with Tetel Asam Pedas), 5 nasi lemak kangkung, 2 lempeng kepala, 3 kuih ketayap, RM1 keropok lekor and last, teh tarik for ayahsu. Licin!! Hehe.. Happy guests = happy hosts. 

Thank you for coming over. We love to have more guests. Jangan serik. Semoga datang lagi. Just for info, those places i took them are actually the places i usually go. I never play tourist here in Melaka which means i don't go to places/restaurants that tourists and outsiders usually go. I never eat any Asam Pedas dekat kedai Asam Pedas. U really need to identify the right place to dine. Tempat yang viral, biasanya tak sedap.

So yeah.. That was all about me and my guests. Bukan senang nak dapat tetamu. KL to Melaka sentiasa jauh but Melaka to KL is always near. If you know what i mean, Hence, i really appreciate anyone who come over to Melaka to visit me and to even stay at my place. They all are welcomed.

ps: Pictures are taken from google. Thanx.

Til my next post

Without Wax,

Hey its already August..~

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hello dearest blog,
Have i neglected you? Of course i did. Was i too busy doing whatever i am not sure what? Yes. Been running here and there trying to please almost everyone on kenduris and of course trying to write as many as possible for phd report. Not to mention, i was down with fever back2back. Demam then baik then demam balik. Boy, i hate aging.

This whole aging thing makes me weaker and it slows down my metabolism even i dont eat much like others. I seriously not sure how to lose all these kgs. The fact that i have time constraint, lagilah buat aku tak ada masa nak terkinja-kinja here and there. This whole phd thingy really take most of my time. Ermm... Now that i am done with all kenduris, i need to focus back on writing and learning this whole PLS thingy.

Hope non of my SVs are pissed with me. Hope my dear friend would still want to help me. Seriously, it is not that i am lazy or what. It is just me being too occupied with family matters and not fit; physically. But trust me, i am trying so hard here to be better.. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Just please do not give up on me. I promise, i will strive my very best. Just hang in there..

The only thing i hope and pray now is, people would understand my work and accept whatever i have written. Because i am not a good writer. I know what to write but not good in putting everything into words. Never expect any academically from me because trust me, u will not get any.

Just pray that i shall finish everything. I really i would. Never want to disappoint anyone.

Bismillah.. Here goes to a very serious journey of mine.

Without wax,