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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hey blog.. 

The post i just posted minutes ago is actually something i wrote like 3 months ago. To date, life has been greater although emotionally i was challenged. Parents are not doing so well this past few weeks and husband was admitted too. Me? Alhamdulillah, ALLAH grants me a healthy life and enough rezeki to go through my days. 

Speaking of rezeki, on 23rd of March, both husband and i attended the launching of a housing project at Alam Impian. The one we Impikan (Dreamed of) and Allah is great, He granted our prayers.. We managed to book a house and paid a booking fee on that day, and banks approved our home financing. From the options of banks, we chose PBB. The solicitors are quite helpful too. 

Secondly, after 2 years of submission, Friday 12th April, i finally received my promotion letter. 7 years in service, i finally be promoted to a senior post. Majority asked why did not i wait for my PhD as the money is far more bling bling.. But i told them i am not going to be tamak. Although the money is better, yet the post is far more important to me. With that, i am grateful and thankful.

Thirdly, i finally submit my thesis on the 28th of March. I assumed and predicted that somewhere after Eid, my viva date will be set. Honestly, i have not prepared anything yet due to my packed and hectic and tight schedule as i received new subjects to lecture, few responsibilities to handle, and attending sick people.. Memang tak sempat.. But life must go on.. And i will find ways to handle and get it done. One way or rather..

Lastly, there will be an teaching audit pretty soon and i don't know how ready i am.. Just hope that i will be just fine.. I am trying to finish my syllabus and so i hope the auditor would not be too complaining or what. Just walk in, audit me and please be reasonable.. That is all i hope. 

Til my next post..

Without wax :)


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