I Am Bless To Have A Wonderful Friend..~

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hey dearest blog..

After finishing blogging yesterday, i finally made my move back to home from KAG. The whole time i was driving, i was on phone with my friend. A friend that i recently got close with. He was my degree and master senior but i never bumped into him. But he told me that he saw me once in Sepang circuit and of course at the faculty. But he refused to say hi and he regretted.

Anyhow, when he was in NZ for his PhD, we started to communicate through messenger. Perhaps because both of us are in the same path so he needed my help and vice versa. In November 2015 he came for data collection and that was the first time i met him. Finally met him.. Been hearing his name for years and he is in my fb list since 2009 but sumpah never thought of finding this person and such.. 

So, we have been friends for 2 years now and he is one of the good friends that anyone could ask for and colleagues seconded it. I felt bad back then as most of my friends know him and i didn't. People kept on saying how smart he is. Well, that proves how reserve and could-not-be-bothered i am. 

Anyways, we were discussing about PALAM and future projects. Told him about several things and was asking for his opinions on certain things since he already graduated and used the same analysis software as i am.. So his points are matter to me. Long story shorten, he pointed something that no one ever did. I meant, i am aware the situation but i never mentioned it to anyone except to my husband.. Which of course, as husband is my walking and living journal though he needs to be reminded from time to time (Rolling eyes).. 

Back to story, the friend of mine pointed out how unhappy i am being here in Melaka. He had the idea just by looking at my ig post; both timeline and story. Boy, he is such an observant. I am happy to be where my home is. Meaning my house because that is where i can feel comfortable. But in terms of friends, my KL friends are definitely the best. I had so many options and i chose the best. Here in Melaka, i only have work friends. Which by the way, the choices are so limited and to actually have people that have similar interest, using the same "language", have common views as mine are so difficult to find.

I only found a few. Sadly, one of them i am not so close with hence, i only talk to her whenever i bumped into her. The other had transferred to Raub and the last one is busy handling her life as she has too many responsibilities on her shoulder. Those i am kinda close with are no longer close ever since i started my study leave. Practically, i have no one here in Melaka. Sedih kan? 

Although that, i am grateful to have great friends who understand my situation. Even they are miles away and we don't communicate all the time yet whenever we do, i can just tell them anything and joke around. I am bless to have them, i do. These people i am so proud to call them my best friends. They are the reason why i can feel like i am normal too. 

Well, because of the situation i have here in Melaka, that what makes me want to move back to kl and i really hope Melaka would let me go and PALAM would accept me. I don't know how to make it happen. Previously, there was no vacant in PALAM. Now, when there is, Melaka is not letting anyone go. Bummer..

I am praying and hoping that one fine day, i can just go back to KL. And husband finally agreed to find a new house for us to buy in KL/Shah Alam. A home of our own in KL is actually another i need too.. I will share the story why here when i have the time..

Til then, just wait for my next update..


How Much Would You Sacrifice..?~

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hello blog..

I am a part time postgrad student and currently in my third year. For 2 and 1/2 years i endured life with multiple roles; a wife who needs to cook and takes care of the husband, a daughter that requires me to care and travel back and forth to visit and see the parents, a DIL that tries to be fair and treat the inlaws equally, a lecturer that requires my mind and most of my time, and a student that have due dates for everything.

Being in shoes along with uncountable hats and hearts to satisfy, life was kind of difficult. Because of that, i applied to take a study leave which i thought it would help or at least ease my study journey. I seriously thought with this study leave i can complete my report writing with less distractions.

Boy, i was wrong and completely naive. The leaves actually gave me extra responsibilities. For some reason people whom i thought would understand my situation are kind of misused my leave. People expect me to always be in KL when i prefer to be in Melaka. People expect me to always attend all occasions when i sincerely cannot. 

During writing process. you need to be left alone. You need your space to draft your words and trying to put everything in good paragraphs. I can't go back to KL frequently because it affects my writing momentum and i definitely do not want anyone to come to Melaka at this crucial time. When they do, i need to spare my time for them.

Back and forth requires so much of my time and incur lot of cost. The traveling cost and food cost (huhu).. Because i kind of have my own sort of meals due to my gastritis and my meal time does not match with any of them. 

Alas... To make others happy i am willing to sacrifice. But, i am uncertain for how much long i am willing to do that.. As far as i am concern, my main priority would be getting my report done.

May Allah ease everything for me and grants me with his endless blessing.

Til my next update,


Meeting An Old Friend...~

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hey blog,

Meeting an old friend after years of not seeing each other can be an awkward moment for anyone, right? Unless you are a bubbly person and really know what kind of topics to talk about, then you would not have any problem. But referring to my previous post. I did mention that i am quite a reserve person. Hence, meeting someone after years of not is actually a problem for me. I was there sitting quietly not knowing what to ask and what to say... 


I was out today to OU to get some stuffs and it happened that on of my friends text me saying that he is in the same building too. So, we met and talked to update each other. The last time we met was back in January 2012, about two weeks before i moved to Melaka.

Meeting him was kind of a thing i looked forward to.. At first.. The two of us were very close and practically nothing was in between of us. But after so long of not lepak together, and after both have gotten married, things are quite different. Perhaps we respect the boundaries.. Perhaps because we do not usually share the same thoughts anymore.. Hence, to talk and bergurau like we used was impossible. 

In the back of my mind, i was curious "bila dia nak balik??". Gratefully his friend called and wanted to see him. His friend was in the building too. Never thought i would be happy.. Years ago, saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing to do. But just now, the feeling was like winning a lottery.. 

Well, it is not like i do not like his company.. It is just us taking separate path in all angles. Lifestyle, mindset, goals, carreer.. Just everything. We no longer have things in common so that was the reason why we can't talk the way we used to, especially after have not seen each other for nearly six years.. In the past, usually the gap was just two years. Meaning, every 2 years, me and him will get together and lepak and update for almost everything.

But the gesture was good and i should appreciate that. Til, out next meeting Ajie.. Perhaps another 6 years?

Take care... Thanks for always remembering me. Thanks telling me that you won't forget me.. Feels good knowing that i have a good friend whom always remember me in the prayers and for that reason, i will cherish the friendship and whatever-ship we had throughout my life.


How do people handle the situation? I just wonder how reserve people like me handle moments like such. I honestly do not have any intention of making any situation to be weird or awkward.. But unfortunately, that is just who i am today. The cheeky and friendly Daisy is just no longer exist. Perhaps it is because of the age factor. I was 6 years younger back then. Borak and be friendly with people are quite normal for young people.. Hahah.. I hate this aging factor... It took away my personality and it definitely slowing down my metabolism.. Hahah...

Til my next update :)


Are You A Reserve Person Like Me..?~

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hey blog..

People who are close to me would realise that i am not that easy to be closed to. I consider myself a reserve person. You may think that i am loud and bubbly but the actual fact is, i can only truly be myself if i am surrounded by people whom i am comfortable with. Which that leads to another question... "Who are the people??".

I do not easily be comfortable with anyone. It is hard for me to be open up and talk about myself. You may think that you know me when you actually do not. I just have a problem of socialising. I can talk and have a conversation with strangers like at a conference or wedding, but not to people i know but not close with. The awkwardness is high as a mountain. The ice i froze around me is just so frozen and thick to the extend it is impossible to break.

But if let say, you finally manage to break the ice, you can actually see my true behaviour. I talk quite a lot. I have many things to share. I have many stories to tell. I kind of love to share what i have experienced, or seen, or read, or heard. I seldom talk about people (gossip), perhaps that is one of my major weaknesses.

From my point of view, people usually start their conversation or mingle with others when they know what had happened to other people. So they can easily share the "stories" with other. Jadi mak jemah and cik kepoh in a way. But that is the thing..because of the wall i built, the ice i froze, i just don't know what is happening around me. Dalam bentuk gossip la. But i do know if anyonw kena musibbah or sick or facing any sort of problems. 

Maybe that is what we call, me being empathy and care rather than being kepochi? Good thing about me is, i usually able to get things done on time. I don't have severe procrastinate problem. I have less distractions. But the drawbacks are, i do not have lot of friends. People find me a bit boring or perhaps, they might consider me as sombong.. 

Because of me being too quiet, and have less friends to hang out with... I spend most of my time alone and at times i don't even have friends to go out with (when the usual people i eat with have classes or meeting or errands).. I ended up eating alone at home or kena masuk kedai yang tak ada orang which that leads to my second world problem.

I kind of shy and anxious to eat alone in a restaurant. I have feelings that people might say that i have a big appetite that i can't wait for others to eat, or they might say that i have a very pathetic life because i have no friends (perhaps in a way, that is true.. haha). So whenever  text my hubs to tell him that i am eating alone in whatever restaurant, his respond would be "Kedai tu tak ada orang eh??".. He knows me too well :")

I always wish that i would able to break the ice. I would able to talk to people normally.. But seriously, i just don't know when will i have the ability to. But, i am grateful that i have friends who are really supportive and understand me too well. Although the number of friends i have tu sangat sejemput, but at least i have someone to count on when i need ears to listen to my problem.

Til my next post..

Ps: Please change Daisy..

Urs truly,

Melbourne 2017~

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dear blog,

We just came back from Melbourne 2 days ago. My second time there after 16 years. Boy, not much has changed. Pretty much the same. Same concept, same route, same outlets.. Here are some of the pictures taken. Not in order though.

Places I Eat in Melaka..~

Monday, August 14, 2017

Hello dearest blog (Going to be a long entry)

For two weekends, i received guests who came over to visit me and to enjoy meals in Melaka. On August 4th, Nena & Ira came over to Melaka for a short weekend getaway. I wished i was here the entire weekend to serve them but i had other commitments as my cousin was getting married on the 6th so i had to be in kl on the 5th and 6th. 

Nena & Ira came over to my place for lunch. During eid, i was at Nena's and she told she never tasted any of my cookings. I told her, if she wants it, she has to come over to Melaka. Challenge accepted and she was actually here and requested for my famous Chicken Asam Pedas. Little did i know that Chicken Asam Pedas is her favourite and i was glad both of them loved my Asam Pedas. Alhamdulillah.

We chatted for about 4 hours before i left for KL and they went back to their hotel for rest. But before that, i gave them lists of places to crash for meals. Mana yang sempat jela yang diaorang boleh singgah. Viewed their Instagram account once i reached kl and boom... They actually go to the places i suggested and they loved them all. In fact, they said they would want to come here again as there were still plenty of food that they have missed during this trip.


Right after cousin's wedding, i was down with fever, flu, cough, sore throat. And apparently, i had tonsillitis. That was my very first experience of tonsillitis. Wow, sakitnya kemain. Patutlah ramai kata sakit yang amat. Anyhow, the newly wed and his parents told me that the would want to visit me in Melaka if i am back. Dengarya khabar tu, i decided to to drive myself back to Melaka on Thursday just because i really wanted them to crash.

Kuih Keria Antarabangsa

They reached my place around 6pm. I served them Kuih Keria Antarabangsa because i just thought most people who come to Melaka semuanya nak rasa kuih tu. Kedai tu hanya famous after Hanis Zalikha posted it. Surprisingly ramai pula nak try kuih tu. As for us orang Melaka, it was nothing. Of course memang lembut and all. Tapi, kuih keria is just another kuih keria. Anyhow, they rested for awhile before i took them out for dinner at one of my favourite places; Casa Lagenda. And they loved what ever they have ordered. After dinner, we drove around to see Melaka at night and took a cruise ride. Cousin's wife enjoyed it. Hehe..

Casa Lagenda

Melaka River Cruise

The night rained very heavily. So we started the next day quite late. Intended to have breakfast at Hjh Rubiah's but surprisingly most of the food are finished even it was only 9am. Normally, datang pukul 11am pun, ada lagi. Maybe sebab hujan kot, ramai pergi breakfast kedai dekat dengan rumah saje. 

Kayu Arang Roti Canai

Rashid Corner

Since tak ada rezeki, i thought of taking them to Kayu Arang, tapi satu jalan was jammed and nak ikut jalan lain but missed the exit. So, i took them to Rashid Corner instead. Told them they have good lontong and kari kambing. So those were the one they ordered and good thing was, the food met with their taste bud. 

Menara Taming Sari

After breakfast, ayahsu said he waned to see the Menara Taming Sari and guess what, we actually bought the tickets and that was the first time for me, cousin and his wife experience. Apparently, ayahsu & ucu already be on it before with ayah & mamy :). He wanted to take me there because i have never been there.. Thank you ayahsu & ucu.

Big Bowl Ice

Ayahsu told me that he wanted to have cendol pulut durian. I promised to buy him one. Tapi, nak parking kat San Shu Gong was hard. Hence, instead of taking them to San Shu Gong, we went to Big Bowl Ice. Ayahsu & ucu ordered Royal duria snow ice with durian and ice cream, aie & aida ordered Durian show ice with mango and ice cream, while me; Chocolate chow ice with oreo powder. They loved what they have ordered. Good!! :')

Row Six Restaurant

Pak Putra Restaurant

We skipped lunch and had an early dinner at 6pm. I took them to Rowsix. Apparently they have never tried Vietnamese Coffee before and Aie decided to try one. Long story shorten, they loved everything that was served on the table. As for supper, Arel & i took Aie & Aida for Naan & Tandoori at Pak Putra. Another most eat menu if you are ever in Melaka and to play like a local. Thumbs up.

Last meal, breakfast. It was raining so Arel & 1 went to Hjh Rubiah and bought breakfast back. 30 sticks of satay, 3 roti telur, 2 roti canai (with Tetel Asam Pedas), 5 nasi lemak kangkung, 2 lempeng kepala, 3 kuih ketayap, RM1 keropok lekor and last, teh tarik for ayahsu. Licin!! Hehe.. Happy guests = happy hosts. 

Thank you for coming over. We love to have more guests. Jangan serik. Semoga datang lagi. Just for info, those places i took them are actually the places i usually go. I never play tourist here in Melaka which means i don't go to places/restaurants that tourists and outsiders usually go. I never eat any Asam Pedas dekat kedai Asam Pedas. U really need to identify the right place to dine. Tempat yang viral, biasanya tak sedap.

So yeah.. That was all about me and my guests. Bukan senang nak dapat tetamu. KL to Melaka sentiasa jauh but Melaka to KL is always near. If you know what i mean, Hence, i really appreciate anyone who come over to Melaka to visit me and to even stay at my place. They all are welcomed.

ps: Pictures are taken from google. Thanx.

Til my next post

Without Wax,

Hey its already August..~

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hello dearest blog,
Have i neglected you? Of course i did. Was i too busy doing whatever i am not sure what? Yes. Been running here and there trying to please almost everyone on kenduris and of course trying to write as many as possible for phd report. Not to mention, i was down with fever back2back. Demam then baik then demam balik. Boy, i hate aging.

This whole aging thing makes me weaker and it slows down my metabolism even i dont eat much like others. I seriously not sure how to lose all these kgs. The fact that i have time constraint, lagilah buat aku tak ada masa nak terkinja-kinja here and there. This whole phd thingy really take most of my time. Ermm... Now that i am done with all kenduris, i need to focus back on writing and learning this whole PLS thingy.

Hope non of my SVs are pissed with me. Hope my dear friend would still want to help me. Seriously, it is not that i am lazy or what. It is just me being too occupied with family matters and not fit; physically. But trust me, i am trying so hard here to be better.. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Just please do not give up on me. I promise, i will strive my very best. Just hang in there..

The only thing i hope and pray now is, people would understand my work and accept whatever i have written. Because i am not a good writer. I know what to write but not good in putting everything into words. Never expect any academically from me because trust me, u will not get any.

Just pray that i shall finish everything. I really i would. Never want to disappoint anyone.

Bismillah.. Here goes to a very serious journey of mine.

Without wax,